Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"I don't care..."

*Three words heard most often during 14-year-old granddaughters one-week visit.

"Where would you like to eat?" (I don't care) "Would you like to go swimming?" (I don't care) "What DVD would you like to watch?" (I don't care)

Don't get me wrong, the visit from our granddaughter, Brittany, was a total pleasure. She's funny, smart, personality-plus, and is very adaptable. She also has her grandmother's stubborn streak.

Menu-planning was a breeze...Where do we get our breaded chicken tenders and french fries? McDonalds? Arby's? Zaxby's? O'Charleys? Home? Doesn't matter as long as chicken tenders and french fries are on the menu, the location is irrelevant. I'm so loaded with salt, it'll take a year of water pills to get it out of my system. Oh, I know. I could've ordered salads...but those fries smelled great!

That said, I'm so proud of her, despite the seeming lack of culinary taste. Not only does she have the self-confidence I lacked as a 14-year-old (and as a 60-year-old!), she recently entered a Scary Story writing contest at school, winning first place with her short fiction entry, "Dreams." I'm hoping to post an excerpt, soon.

We put her on the plane last night for her trip back home. The ride to the airport was spend text-messaging her mom to see if she could go to Tennessee with a friend and her family for three days. They're leaving this morning.

How will I spend this holiday? Laundry, catching up on e-mails, blogging, NOT eating breaded chicken tenders and french fries.

Happy 4th!!


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D.S. Dollman said...

Your granddaughter sounds charming and I can't wait to read the excerpt from her story. How exciting--another talented writer in the family!

B C Justice said...

Now that Brittany has established herself as a writer of ghostly prose, she deserves a blog, too!

Let us know when that excert comes out.

Byron C. Justice,
The Campfire Stories of Scoutmaster B.C. Justice

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Darla and b c, for stopping by and for your kind words about Brittany.

As with all teenagers, getting her mind focused long enough to send the story is a challenge! But, I'll keep trying.