Sunday, July 15, 2007

It Pays To Post!

Thanks to my Hogwarts post about Horton's Books & Gifts H.P. release party, I have been interviewed by a local newspaper. The subject of the article will be, of course, about Harry and his ka-zillion fans. Since I've been a fan from the beginning - I was motivated by J.K. Rowling to write a children's fantasy fiction series, Cynthia's Attic - I was asked to have my picture taken at a local book & gift store surrounded by Potter paraphernalia.

Speaking of witch, er, I mean which, the owner of the story was a fascinating person. She is a medium, and promotes natural remedies. She believes in mind-over-body, but also realizes that traditional medicine has its place. I believe that both methods helped me get over a recent bout with shingles.

The pain started first, followed, the next day by a rash. I knew immediately that I had the dreaded virus. I knew because my mother had two bouts. The second one might as well have killed her. She didn't know a pain-free moment for the next eight years...until she died.

I wasn't going to let that happen. I called my doctor's office immediately and TOLD them I was coming in that day. Beginning a round of anti-viral medication is the only way to stop it and keep from getting the dreaded neuropathy that made my mother's remaining years so miserable. More importantly, I told myself that I wasn't going to let that happen. I spoke positively about it, that I wasn't going to get nerve damage. That I was going to get the best of this virus. And, I did. Within a week the sores were gone and I was pain-free.

I hope I never get shingles again (fingers crossed), but if I do, I promise to, once again, rush to the doctor and will that nasty virus out of my body.

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