Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spiderwick Chronicles

The Seeing Stone (Spiderwick Chronicles)

Don't hold me back, I'm on a roll! Last night I finished Book Two. Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Field Guide" as it was a nice place to start, but book two really got the old adrenaline pumping. Getting better acquainted with the Grace Children, and getting nose to toes with the goblins was quite an adventure. I'm not quite sure what to think of Hogsqueal, but I don't think we've seen the last of him.

After finishing books one and two I've still got two thumbs up and am holding back hitting book three as I need to pace myself. And don't think that because I am a grownup that I don't appreciate the important things in life. After finishing "The Seeing Stone" I immediately went online to hit the Spiderwick site. I am now a proud member of the International Sprite League. Some things are just too important to ignore!

Harry who?

Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone
ISBN: 0689859376
Authors: Tony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black,

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