Saturday, January 5, 2008

Buh-Bye, Christmas Tree (sniff)

Okay, I admit it. I'm a sucker for Christmas. I haven't quite figured out the main attraction. Do I enjoy the festivities, the colorful decorations, making (and consuming) chocolate fudge and sugar cookies, or is it simply an escape from the work I REALLY need to be doing? Ahh-probably a combination.

All I know is that when DH announced this morning that he was stripping the Christmas lights, wreaths, and cute little snowman solar lights from the outside of the house, it hit me like a ton of Aunt Sally's fruitcake...the holidays are over. (sigh)

It also means that yours truly is going to be stripping all signs of joyous celebration from the inside of the house. The mantle will, once again, be bare of evergreen, lights, and wreath. Our amazing manger scene (purchased dirt-cheap at Sam's a decade ago) will go back in the box. And...oh, I hate to even think about it...the Christmas tree will be dismantled. (sigh) (sigh)

Yeah, yeah, I know. If I was so fond of my Christmas tree, why am I using last year's picture?? It's because I forgot to take a picture of this year's tree until after all the cool packages had been ripped open! Besides, except for 2 more strands of lights (DH is a light freak), it pretty much looks the same.

So, back to taking down ornaments, removing the little wire hangers (yes, I'm anal in this area) and finding their proper box for storage until December.

But, one more thought. In case you think I've missed the true meaning of Christmas, one of the highlights of the season was watching the movie, The Nativity Story. It was very well produced and acted, and the storyline was...well, it was just what it should be.

And, my favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. So There!

Now can I grieve for my Christmas tree? (sniff)


Diana Black said...

Oh, Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas Tree...
Till next year when
We relight ye...

Purdy tree, thir.

Where's my present?!?!?


Mary Cunningham said...

Where's your present??

In the lakes and ponds at your golf course...of course. Or will be, soon.

Church Lady said...

I heard one of my friends sing "O Holy Night" for midnight mass, hmmm..about 10 years ago. Her voice is haunting and beautiful. Since children, I haven't been able to make it back. I'm hoping next year.
I love Christmas. I love everything about it. And your tree is beautiful!!!
I searched last year for a real tree with roots so I could plant it once the holiday is over. I can't stand the idea of discarding a tree like a paper towel. I wasn't able to find one.
So next year (copying an idea from Szelsofa-a fellow blogger) I will get a pot and plant a seed and that will be decorated as a tree. If it's not big enough, we'll decorate an artificial tree also.


Word said...

Took mine down yesterday. I feel your pain!

I keep losing ornaments and decorations to child and pet mishaps though. This year, when I brought up the decorations, I cringed. Surely I had more. I KNOW I did at one time.

This year - my precious dog destroyed four more things. A set of stuffed penguins and a stuffed santa. She seems to think they are chew toys.

Now - I know, a smart person would go out and take advantage of all the marked down decorations the stores want to get rid of, but when it's over, it's over. I just can't get in the mood to buy the stuff AFTER Christmas.

Love your tree Mary! Sorry she had to come down.

Mary Cunningham said...

I love "O Holy Night" too, Church. I'm glad there are more Christmas people out there! We inherited this artificial tree from the previous homeowners, so we never consider getting a real tree.

Sorry about all your ornaments, Word. I thought you were going to say your resident mouse had started eating them!

Until next Christmas! (sigh)

D.S. Dollman said...

Mary, it's Irish tradition to leave the tree and decorations up until January 6. I'm just getting around to mine this afternoon. You could always pretend to be Irish and use that as an excuse!

Mary Cunningham said...

Man! I was a day early!! What about leaving it up until St. Paddy's Day??

ADPickle said...

I started dismantling on the 2nd, may finish today the 7th, may not. I got my christmas present on the 4th (nice surprise, I had resigned to thinking I wouldn't get one) so I figured I deserved to slack a little bit.
It's easier for me in bits, that way it's not all gone in one day.

I want to know what Diana's present is though, lakes and ponds?

Mary Cunningham said...

Diana's present? You'll have to ask her.

So, what was your belated present? Nice surprise, AD!

WriterKat said...

I love your sentimental quality. You seem like your home would be warm & welcoming. Makes me want to stop in for hot chocolate or tea. ;-)

In case you're wondering, it's only 352 days until Christmas -I know this because my kids keep a santa counter on the computer to look at daily, 365 days a year - how's that for pressure. So you won't have to wait too long before pulling them out again. ;-)

Mary Cunningham said...

You're welcome to stop by for tea or hot chocolate anytime, WriterKat!! And, bring your friends!

Okay, I have to admit, I'm over the tree. Feels good to have everything clean and orderly again.

Back to work!