Monday, January 28, 2008


We recently received a "Pet Rewards" credit card application in the mail. Without looking, I usually rip up any and all credit card applications, but something on this one caught my eye.

Dear Molly Cunningham,

Your pet is one of a kind…a loyal companion, funny performer, and trusted keeper of your closest secrets…so, imagine being able to use your credit card to collect valuable "Reward" points! The more you charge, the more points you'll collect to buy toys, food, snacks, and pet-care products for your faithful companion.

At the low, introductory rate of %#$@, you may charge up to three ka-zillion dollars and make your dear little Fluffy or Woofie happy at the same time! Get the card that is as rewarding as your pet!

Okay…this looks pretty good, right? One small catch. I couldn't apply even if I wanted to. It isn't made out to me. It's made out to Molly Cunningham. My dog! And, I'm sure not putting a credit card in her paws. I can see it all now; piles of squeaky toys, gourmet dog food, climate-controlled doggie condo, her own cat to chase and torment!

Uh-uh. Not gonna happen. Sorry, Molly


WriterKat said...

Hah! We have a Molly (the cat). Definitely not someone I would trust with my card. She'd be over at the fish market.

Speaking of...We recently bought a goldfish. He costs 12 cents. I can't get over the value of his life. Poor little guy. He was about to go as a "feeder". May I never be worth 12 cents!

Church Lady said...

Cute photo!!!

Every time I hear the name "Molly" I think of that movie 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown" with Debbie Reynolds. I really like that movie.

Mary Cunningham said...

Awwww...what's the name of your goldfish? We had a large aquarium twenty years ago and named every one of our fish. They're fascinating to watch. So, your little fella is worth much more than his bargain price.

Thanks for the comment, WK!

Mary Cunningham said...

Molly has a hat on that says, "Moon Doggie." Waaaaay before your time. From the first day we adopted Molly we've always know that she had a face "only a mother could love." But, her mom and dad both love her!

Thanks for stopping by, CL. I'll be visiting your blog, soon! I hear exciting things are going on over there!