Monday, February 4, 2008

South African Sojourn - Continued

Okay...I promised an update on my best friend's trip to South Africa,
so without further's Diana sticking her toe in the Indian Ocean! (pretty impressive, huh?)


Well, I feel just like a celebrity. You know: Where in the world's Matt Lauer and Diana Black!

Mary's so right. The trip to South Africa was life-altering. For example, I didn't have a sinus infection when I left, but I do now...

No, wait. Maybe there is something a bit more profound to glean from the experience.

Like how courageous and resourceful people can be after hearing a life-altering diagnosis or forcibly removed from their homes, their neighborhoods and required to live in "houses" pieced together with metal scraps and discarded window frames.

How people can rise above wrongful imprisonment and continue to struggle against injustices to humankind.

How strong women are, and how much we are alike regardless of cultural differences.

And how everyone loves to laugh. I believe it was Victor Borge who said, "The shortest distance between two people is a smile."

The opportunity to make this trip and share it with Mary's blogger buddies sure makes me smile.

Okay, I think this is where I'm supposed to say how wonderful she is (right, Mary?), and how without her, I would be nothing. That she has made me everything I am, the woman among women I model myself after as should every other woman in the universe. (Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah...) And she's beautiful and a wonderful writer and my bestest bud. (Those last comments? Right from my heart.)

So thanks, Mary, and all of you who expressed an interest in my little jaunt. May each of you succeed with your own individual "trip of a lifetime." Be it that trek to the mailbox with your first manuscript or to a foreign corner of your imagination and/or the earth.

Hamba kakuhle (Xhosa for "go well"),

Want more pictures? Here's the link to Diana's amazing blog. You'll see amazing pictures of scenery, Diana's "sista sojourners," lions, native birds, and you'll even (almost) see a picture of a giraffe!

South African Sojourn


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Yes, good news from Africa, this is what is needed...and news of depth and from people to people connection.

Janet Riehl

Mary Cunningham said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Janet. Diana will be posting an online journal in the days and weeks to come that will not only enlighten, it will tug at the heart strings.

I'll be sure to provide the link.

ADPickle said...

Wow! Welcome back Di. I can't wait to see pics and hear about these wonderfully brave people. How blessed you are for choosing this experience.

Word said...

Wow! I went out and checked out the pics. Such beauty. Diana - you are a true beauty too!

Diana Black said...

Thanks to all for your words of support and astute observations. (Yes, Word, your comment about this ole gal did not go unnoticed. The check’s in the mail…:>) AD and Janet, the heart of the trip is exactly what you mentioned — people to people connection. When we reach out to another person and are not afraid to shake their hand, we discover the ache for human touch is universal. Skin against skin, a gentle clasping of fingers and the chasm between two worlds disappears. Oh, no! That song from Disney World is beginning to run through my head!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diana

ChristineEldin said...

Hahaaha! Mary, Your friend has your sense of humor!!!

Sounds like an amazing trip. I'm going to her blog to check it out.

And I've never heard that quote before (about the smile) but I will remember it.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Yep, we share the same "sense of humor." Why do you think we've been able to stand each other for almost a half century??

Thanks for the comments, all of you.

Anonymous said...

Loved the blog post. Looking forward to reading about your South Africa Trip