Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aw...Quit Your Complaining!

That's our goal. After months (years) of complaining about everything under the sun, my husband and I are trying to give up the habit. We saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning about "A Complaint Free World" and decided that this was our last hope. In case you're not familiar with the concept:

Our words are powerful indicators of our thoughts, and our thoughts create our lives. When we complain, we draw to us negative things because we put out negative energy. Therefore, one of the most important things we do is to learn not to complain.

And, in order to remind ourselves not to complain (for a small, tax-deductible fee), we were sent purple bracelets to wear. Apparently, you're supposed to put it on one wrist or the other. If (when) you find yourself complaining about ANYTHING, you must remove the bracelet and put it on the opposite wrist. The objective is to wear it on one wrist exclusively for 21 straight days.

Now, please tell me how this is possible in a world of never-ending war and astronomical gas prices?!

(Oh. Hang on a minute while I switch wrists)

...Politics being thrown at you 24/7??

(Sorry. Gotta change)


(Excuse me, again)

Not to mention the fact that there are three houses in foreclosure in our neighborhood and several more with rusty, faded For Sale signs.

(Uh-oh. Wonder how strong these bracelets are? Hope they can handle lots of stretching)

Well, you get the idea. Here's the link to the website, if you dare. Bwwahahahah...

A Complaint Free World

P.S. We also bought bracelets for our kids and friends!


Janet Muirhead Hill said...

What a great reminder, Mary! Negative thinking does indeed bring us down. As Napoleon Hill wrote so many years ago, "The subconscious mind makes no distinction between constructive and destructive thought impulses. It works with the material we feed it…The subconscious mind will translate into reality a thought driven by fear just as readily as it will…a thought driven by courage and faith."

Good idea to quit complaining. I've noticed that complaints rarely change anything, except one's own mood, but an attitude of gratitude can.

Janet Grace Riehl said...

It's important to channel what we see as going wrong with the world into clear critical thinking and action, which, is, yes, of a different nature than complaining.

In our private life, the complaint habit within ourselves and with others can be destructive and is good to counter with habits of gratitude and forgiveness.

I'm running a poem of the day this month for National Poetry Month as part of my bit to make the world a more beautiful place.

Janet Riehl

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that we need a complaint free world! I try everyday to be thankful rather than complain. You go girl!

Mary Cunningham said...

Glad you agree, Janet H. and Janet R. I'm going to really, really try to stop being no negative! I'll check out your poems, too, Janet R.

Thanks for leaving a comment, Bubbles! Good to see you here!

ChristineEldin said...

This is very interesting. I love the bracelet because it's a visual reminder.
But I think I disagree with this premise, if I understand it correctly. I don't think complaining is bad. In fact, I think if you're living a balanced life, it's a good indication that you feel your boundaries are being violated in some way.
I would rather try to redirect energies toward thinking of the good things than totally discounting the bad things.
I guess I'm sensitive to this for personal reasons, but I think it's okay to complain. But maybe the difference is semantics. I think it's terrible to whine. When someone whines, they're kicking their blessings away.
Okay, I'll stop now.
Can my bracelet be a different color? I don't like purple.

Mary Cunningham said...

Good point, Chris. In fact, psychologists have made that point, too.

I'm realistic enough to know that I will NEVER give up complaining all together, however, I'd like to get to a point that it isn't occupying most of my life! If this bracelet just serves as a reminder to "pick my battles," I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing---folling the philosophy of a good man---"I'd rather be kind than right."

Anonymous said...

Duh! the word was following--can't type either!

Mary Cunningham said...

"--can't type either!"

If you had a bracelet, Bubbles, you'd have to switch it with that remark! :-)

tk said...

LOL! Love the dog and the bracelet is a great reminder of our daily karma quotient - if you can remember what you wearing it for! tk read

Yvonne Eve Walus said...

I'm a big believer - in theory at least - in having a positive attitude. That's the secret to dealing with people, parenting, team work and even writign success.