Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not Schnauzers...but close!

Okay, so these aren't Schnauzers and they're not even close to Schnauzers. I'm sure Schnauzers are wonderful dogs. My cousin has had cute little Schnauzers for years and wouldn't have anything else.

But, Schnauzers aside, I'm here to pay honor to my friend, Cynthia. There will be (many, many years from now!) a special place in heaven for her.

She rescues Golden Retrievers. I've lost count how many, but have heard extensively about 5 of them in just the past couple of years.

She and her husband rescued Chance when he was about 7 and quickly decided to adopt him. Their vet said he'd probably live another year or two. He's 15. All you researchers...looking for the answer to longevity? Go live with Cynthia.

Not to say she hasn't had her heartaches. She called a few months ago having just left the vet's office after having her latest "baby" Bassinger, put to sleep. He had an inoperable condition and was suffering. Too much for even Cynthia's healing touch.

It was just a few months later that she was empathizing with me over the loss of our 16-year-old adopted Molly. Our sweet little girl we found at the Miami Animal Shelter many years ago.

If you're looking for some insightful summation to this post. Not gonna get it. It's just my way of giving Cynthia her "due." Although she gets it every day with the tailwagging, joyful expressions from not only Chance, but Bailey and Sadie, too.

So, here's to you, my dear friend. You're an angel to dog lovers (and dogs!) everywhere.

Adopt A Golden - Atlanta

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta


Diana Black said...

Yes, kudos to Cynthia for not just loving dogs, but putting that love into action.

And may I also say that her nurturing spirit is carried forth to adults as a registered nurse.

Here's to her heart...and legs for carrying her to the aid and comfort of dogs & humans alike.


Mary Cunningham said...

Most children mention several things they want to be when they grow up, and change every other week.

The very first Cynthia ever mentioned was a nurse, and she never wavered.

Yes, her human patients are lucky, too.

D.S. Dollman said...

I am also so thrilled to read about people who rescue dogs, cats, or any of God's little creatures. And her fifteen year old dog? I, too, rescued a dog that I was told would be "put to rest" because she was so old and unadoptable, and she lived with my children and I for another ten years! Sometimes, all a little creature needs is a little love and faith, and a lot of hope.
Darla Sue

Mary Cunningham said...

So glad you appreciated the post, Darla.

We always felt that Molly knew we had rescued her. She gave us so much unconditional love.

You're right. All they need is love, faith and hope.

Thanks for the comment.