Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going Home Can Be Fun!

In case you can't read the sign, that's my name at the bottom!

Last month, I was asked to present Young Author writing awards at Corydon Intermediate School (4-5-6 grades) in Corydon, Indiana (Southern Indiana, in case you're wondering). Despite having a lot of fun going back to my hometown and being included in an event that is near and dear to my heart-young writers and readers-it was also a little strange because CIS used to be the old high school.

Hate to tell you how many times I attended basketball games, played volleyball, sat through boring school assemblies, or danced at post-basketball game sockhops in that same gym!

Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd ever stand on that gym floor, in front of people-filled bleachers and have to talk! Yikes! Quite an experience.

I also had the privilege to speak to my dear friend, Barbara Smith's 4th grade class. I spent almost an hour answering questions about my series, writing in general and just having the same room where I sweated through (barely passed) Algebra I!

Barbara (we played together as kids and went to high school together) saw the irony, too. We had a good laugh over the strict atmosphere of that same class. In fact, she frequently mentions our old Algebra teacher to her students and tells them if they aren't quiet, Miss Eskew's spirit just might have some choice words for them!

I'll post more pictures of my visit in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, "neener-neener-neeeeeeener, Miss Eskew! I spoke for an hour in your classroom, and lived to tell about it!


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Diana Black said...

I will avoid the usual response, "You CAN go home again!"

Okay, I lied...:>)

Congrats, Gus. Really proud of you...

Yer hometown bud,

Mary Cunningham said...

What?! No comments about Miss Eskew?? I know you had her, too (YEARS BEFORE me, right? heh)

Alyssa Montgomery said...

It sounds like you had a blast! Congrats on having the opportunity to present the awards!


Anonymous said...

Loved your post. I'm scheduled to speak at the school where I began my public education as a kindergartner and attended for six years. I am so excited to go back. I have so many wonderful memories of my early childhood days there with the wonderful teachers.
Then, later this spring, I'm to speak at the school in Chicago Hts, IL, where I began my teaching journey. I get shivers just thinking about it. So many years ago, yet so fresh in my memory.

Mary Cunningham said...

It was great to go back to my Hoosier home, Marlis!

Good luck with your events!