Monday, May 11, 2009

From Galileo to the Hubble Telescope

Today, if weather cooperates, space shuttle, Atlantis is set to blast off for one last visit to the Hubble Telescope.

Scientists say that, once completed, the mission will allow Hubble to peer even deeper into space. One question. How much farther can you get than "to infinity and beyond?"

Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge space buff and appreciate that, repairs to the first lens by installing "new contacts," made possible the amazing pictures we've been receiving for about 16 years now. I also believe these pictures are valuable to the survival of mankind, not only in the interest of science, but to keep us engaged in environmental issues here on Earth.

Galileo played, perhaps, the biggest role in scientific exploration of the universe. I heard the other day that his improvements to the telescope made him the first person on our planet to gaze upon distant planets. Contradicting earlier theories that Earth was the center of the galaxy, he proved that it was the sun. A staunch Roman Catholic, this "heresy" got him placed under house arrest with his movements restricted by the Pope.

One of the most interesting facts I discovered, though, was that Galileo Galilei was born on Feb. 15, 1564, exactly 400 years before my son. So, how can I tie all this together? Although I missed posting this on Mother's Day, MY son is the center of My universe, along with my "shining stars," stepdaughters, Steff and Sami. How's that? Okay, so it's a stretch, but I believe all mothers will agree with me.

So, Happy Mother's Day...every day. And, good luck to the astronauts who will attempt to keep Hubble clicking those amazing pictures back to the good people on Earth. Below is the last picture taken by the Hubble telescope camera.

AP News: From Cosmic Joke To Cherished Eye In the Sky

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Eileen Williams said...

And I'm sure your son is not only the center of your universe but your "sun" as well. Happy Mother's day back at ya and a wish for all those moms out there to enjoy many warm rays emanating from their own "suns." May each of us bask in the glow of children we adore.

Mary Cunningham said...

You have such a beautiful way of expressing thoughts, Eileen!

Thanks, so much for your inspiring comment.

Yes...may we all bask!