Friday, June 19, 2009

Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully

Cynthia's Attic has the huge honor of hosting actress, Julianne Moore and her latest picture book. As a long-time admirer of her as an actress, it's been interesting reading about her as a person, an advocate for children's literacy, and especially her human qualities. How many of us survived our school days without running, headlong, into the schoolyard bully? She address this problem with humor and sensitivity.

THE FOUR-TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE AND HER SPUNKY, PICTURE BOOK STAR DODGE A BULLY, Acclaimed actress, and now beloved picture book author JULIANNE MOORE and bestselling illustrator LeUyen Pham join talents again for FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY AND THE DODGEBALL BULLY.

This time, their perky, loveable seven-year-old encounters a bully on the playground—Windy Pants Patrick—during a game of dodgeball. As the brute prepares to hurl his might at Freckleface and her friends, she must figure out how to summon the courage to stand up to him. Ms. Moore tackles this all-to- prevalent problem with both humor and grace.

It is Ms. Moore’s infusion of hilarity and heart that has won her praise from booksellers, educators, reviewers—and most importantly young readers!—for her debut picture book Freckleface Strawberry, a charming tale inspired by a childhood experience.

Nicknamed Freckleface Strawberry when she a young girl, Ms. Moore disliked the title as much as she disliked her red hair and freckles. “As a child, my hatred of my freckles was only matched by my love of reading,” said the author, who eventually grew to tolerate her red hair and freckles and find amusement in telling her own kids about her childhood nickname. Dodgeball isn’t based on personal experience, but creating a feisty character who makes the best of a bad situation—and does so with style and wit—is essential to Ms. Moore.

Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully by Julianne Moore
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Diana Black said...

Such an important topic for kiddos of all ages. Love that this book will start them young understanding bullying is not acceptable...and in a way that is entertaining and fun!


Norm Cowie said...

I hope someday I run across this book ... looks fun. My kids are grown, my maturity level is at teen, so it's a bit too high for this book, and I don't have any grandkids yet.


Martha A. Cheves said...

This is a book I need to get for my grandchildren. I have one that I believe would fits the character of Freckleface Strawberry and 2 that fit the character of Dodgeball Bully

Mary Cunningham said...

Your books sound great for the young crowd, too.

Books like these are so important in teaching children how to handle school bullys, and also "innocent" teasing.

Thanks for the comment, Martha.