Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School Visits - Expect the Unexpected.

Suzanne Lieurance (Working Writers Coach - Book Bites For Kids is a children’s writer with (at last count) 20 published books for children. She has also been an instructor with the Institute of Children’s Literature (located in West Redding, Connecticut) for 8 years.

As The Working Writer’s Coach, Lieurance helps people who love to write become “working” freelance writers and make a living doing what they love to do best.

She also enjoys school visits (most of the time - see below!) and promoting her children's books. This from a recent newsletter.

I love visiting schools and talking with children about the writer's life. Quite often, writers are treated like rock stars at schools. We're asked to autograph everything from backpacks to sweatshirts.

A couple of days ago I made an author's visit to a local school. And, yeah, I was treated like a rock star. At least for a while.

Students listened quietly as I read from one of my books. Then I told them more about the writer's life and ended my presentation by asking the children if they had any questions.

One little girl on the front row had been listening very intently. She didn't take her eyes off me during the entire presentation. When she raised her hand I looked foward to her question.

"Yes," I said, pointing to her. "What's your question?"

She smiled and asked, "Are you almost done?"

I gulped.

That was certainly not the question I was expecting.

"Uh, yes," I said. "I'm almost finished."

"We get a snack when you're done," she said.

Her teacher rolled her eyes in embarrassment. But I just laughed.

Kids really keep things real. It's all well and good to listen to some nice author. But the best part is moving on to the snack!

Suzanne Lieurance

(Some days are like that, Suzanne! Hope you got a snack, too.)

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Chris V. said...

haa! that's a good one. I didn't get that question though I was asked how much money I make and the teacher saved me, saying it wasn't appropriate to ask.

Mary Cunningham said...

I was asked, "How old are you?" A fifth-grade boy came to my rescue by punching his friend on the shoulder and saying, "You're not supposed to ask a lady that!"

So funny! I told them anyway and they were impressed I was "still around." LOL!

Teashop Girl said...

This is a cute post. I've been asked a wide array of questions, too, but nothing too crazy. I love school visits!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Teashop Girl. I'm sure you have some stories to tell, too!

School visits are the best.