Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Home For Dakota

One of the 2009 Kind Children's Book Awards went to a special book by Jan Zita Grover, about a special little dog named Dakota. Her name hadn't always been Dakota. For years she was known only as Dog No. 241. Her rescue into a foster home marks a healing transformation that not only gives Dakota a new chance at life, as she slowly learns the joys of joining a true family, especially Sweetie, a girl on her own healing journey.

Children and adults interested in helping rescue these innocent creatures from puppy mills can contact Mission: Humane which gets young people actively involved in animal protection and provides resources for classroom teachers, animal sheltering professionals, and others to guide youth animal protection clubs.

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The program provides projects for elementary-school students and teens, resources for forming clubs and taking action, and rewards for activities. Projects are designed to get young people working on the most important issues affecting animals today.

I also got a reminder from life-long friend, Cynthia, who has spent many years rescuing and adopting Golden Retrievers in the Atlanta area, who sent out an e-mail from Adopt A Golden Atlanta with a list of dogs in desperate need of rescue. You can go to the link for pictures of these wonderful dogs. The need never goes away. Brody is pictured below. Click on his picture for more information on this worthwhile cause.

As you probably know, I'm passionate about pet adoption and rescue. Our Molly Girl adopted us straight out of the Miami Animal Shelter fourteen years ago. She's romping around in Heaven now with her "brothers" Sam and Wilbur, so this story is in her memory and honor.

If you know a special organization that rescues/adopts animals, please post a comment with the link. Adoption is the best option!


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Crystal Clear Proofing said...

This is a wonderful post on such an important and all-too-often overlooked topic, or one that many people would rather not take too close a look at. There are so many homeless animals, and with more public awareness this situation can be improved and the numbers reduced!

Between the book, the links provided and the information available, I commend you for bringing this topic to the forefront.


Congratulations also on the upcoming release of Book Four in your series!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, so much, CCP. It's nice to know many people feel the same way about helpless animals. So many shelters are doing everything they can, but the word needs to get out.

Appreciate the fact that you checked out the links!


Eileen Williams said...

Love to read your posts about adopting our four-footed best friends. We had three Goldens over the years and that photo really tugged at my heartstrings. Unfortunately, we live on the Left Coast, but I'm sure there are local centers which specialize in rescuing that wonderful breed.
You're such a champion for animals and I'm sure your Molly Girl is looking down from doggy heaven and barking with pride!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Eileen. You share a love for Goldens with my dear friend, Cynthia. They are such wonderful family dogs.

The need is so great when it comes to making people aware of adopting, rescuing or closing down those hideous puppy mills.

Thanks for being such a wonderful advocate!

Mayra Calvani said...

Dear Mary,

Sorry for my late response; I was away on holiday.

It's great that you're blogging about this. It's a very worthy cause!

And what I lovely book cover! I'm going to check it out.

Mary Cunningham said...

No response is ever too late, Mayra! I know how much this means to you.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!