Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Magic In Cynthia's Attic

Do You Believe In Magic?

My first encounter with magic came to a soggy ending. I was around six-year-old, attending my first (and only) magic show. My friend, Cynthia and I got front row seats for the afternoon performance in our school auditorium. Our mothers were seated behind us.

I remember nothing about the show except for the final trick. Mr. Magic would pull a rabbit out of his top hat using nothing but a magic wand and – oh, and a volunteer from the audience. "Me! Me! Oh, please, pick me!" And, wonder of wonders...he did!

I'm not sure when my inhibition disappeared over the years, but in the first ten, I had no problem performing; ballet recitals, piano recitals, singing; magic shows. I was happy on center stage. But, back to the magic show. I performed my task – waving the wand over the black top hat –perfectly. Abracadabra... the magician pulled a beautiful white bunny out of his hat and placed it in my arms!

I grinned and searched out my mother in the audience. I'm not sure which was whiter; the bunny or Mom's face. I'm guessing her face. Needless to say, I was thrilled, and sat for the remaining few minutes of the show petting this adorable, silky rabbit. We didn't have a pet at that time, so this was perfect. He (or she) would sleep with me, visit my friends, and what a hit I'd be during show-and-tell at school!

I could tell that Cynthia was just a touch envious until...Fluffy (I've since named him Fluffy) piddled all over my lap. Ewww! I'd been 5 seconds away from letting her hold him. Funny how the excitement and glamour dissipated with my soaked dress.

I remember very little else about Fluffy. He went to a farm, I was told, on which he would live to a ripe old age. I imagined him scampering through Mr. Mcgregor's Garden, happily feasting on carrots and lettuce leaves; watering the ground behind him.

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