Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Summer Read! Iggy the Iguana: Summer League

What do iguanas named Iggy and Liz, Buddy the bullfrog, a turtle named Snap Shell, Marc the Mouse and Cooper the chameleon have in common? They all love baseball! The follow-up to Iggy the Iguana is a perfect read for 7-10 year-olds. Summer League focuses on normal kid problems in the form of a very different All-Star baseball team.

Iggy faces challenges throughout the summer that all young readers (and older readers!) can relate to, and has to make a very important decision about a whether to keep a secret that could compromise the whole team.

With summer just around the corner, although snow accumulations in he Northeast would contradict that statement, Iggy the Iguana: Summer League, is the perfect read, and comes highly recommended by this reader!

To see a video interview with author, Melissa M. Williams, click here.

Melissa M. Williams has been writing stories since the age of eight years old. Many of her stories were inspired by real-life experiences with childhood pets she owned while growing up in Houston, Texas. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, she moved to Dallas, TX to pursue a Master's degree in Professional Counseling. While in graduate school, she finished her first children's book, "Iggy the Iguana", and proceeded to have the book published before the age of twenty-six. Many of the ideas in this book were inspired by Miss Williams' experiences as a substitute teacher for third and fourth grade classes in the city of Dallas.

In addition to writing for children, she is a published songwriter and has co-written for her younger sister’s, Misha, International Albums. Melissa currently lives in Houston, Texas and visits schools through out the entire Texas region, promotion literacy, creativity, and learning for kids. Her Literacy Foundation Read3Zero now offers children the opportunity to be published by her own publishing company, LongTale Publishing.

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Melissa M. Williams said...

Thanks so much Mary for the great review! I look forward to reading your blog in the future!!! I really enjoyed your stop on the Iggy the Iguana Blog Tour!

Mary Cunningham said...

Gus and I love Iggy and his friends, Melissa and look forward to more adventures!