Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cats In The Attic - Cynthia's Attic!

Cynthia's Attic, and favorite time-traveler, Augusta Lee (Gus), want to welcome a newcomer to the attic scene - Little Bitty Kitty, or LBK for short.

Gus: So, I hear we’re heading to Indiana the first of December. You, Wendel Wordsworth, me and Cynthia. You’ve never been there right?

LBK: Meow.

Gus: Well, you’re gonna love it. Sure you’re just a little kitty, and it’ll be cold there, like really, really cold, but you have a winter coat, right?

LBK: Meow.

Gus: And this Gram person, the one in your story, is she coming along?
LBK: Meow.

Gus: She seems like a nice lady. Your story is cute, too. The way you wiggle through that little…Well, guess I shouldn’t give away the ending.

LBK: Meow.

Gus And your book is interactive? It has coloring pages? That’s great. I love to color...especially outside the lines!

LBK: Meow.

Gus: Well, guess we ought to start packing for the trip. I’m visiting Corydon Intermediate School on Dec 3. What school are you going to?

LBK: Meow.

Gus: Oh, yeah, Corydon Elementary School. Those are some great students. Well, so long for now. See you in Indiana!

LBK: Meow!

Whew! Good thing Gus knows "kitty-speak"!

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Diana Black said...

What fun! Visiting Cynthia's Attic...(eew...is that a spider web?!?!) Thanks, Gus, for the invitation to spend a day or so here. There are so many great characters in your book adventures, it's a privilege to share the spotlight! Anyhoo, looking forward to our Southern Indiana road trip...LBK -- (translated to the best of Gus's abilities!)

D.M.Cunningham said...

LBK sure is a talker! The book looks like a lot of fun. Congrats!

Diana Black said...

Meow!! ='.'=