Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cynthia's Attic: Childhood Bullying

Maggie Goes On A Diet:

This book is about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star. Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self image.

This new release creates controvery with the word Diet. Will it lead to eating disorders, or help children understand the value of eating a healthy diet and exercising? While I haven't read the book, my first impression is that parts leave good messages; eating healthy, exercise. Another message, however, leaves me cold. In order to be popular and keep friends from bullying you, get thin and participate in team sports. The fact that Maggie loses weight and plays soccer is good, but this shouldn't be the only way to have friends. I'm also troubled that, apparently, the bullies have no accountability for their hurtful actions.

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be: By LaNiyah Bailey

The path that led 6-year-old LaNiyah Bailey to become a child author began with cruel taunts. LaNiyah Bailey said she was called “fat, fat-elephant and some kids told me I looked like I was having a baby and that I walked funny.
But LaNiyah wasn’t big because she was sitting on the couch all day eating cookies or french fries.

This book is written in first person about LaNiyah's struggle with bullies, doctors, and finally understanding her body. I haven't read this book, either, but the message seems like a good one, straight from LaNiyah.

No matter which book you choose, both have valid messages that should lead every school to provide education, along with a strong, anti-bullying mandate.

Maggie Goes On A Diet - Amazon

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be - Amazon

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