Friday, October 28, 2011

My secret wish is to travel back in time, have adventures and solve mysteries with my ancestors. Hmmm...sounds like a great book idea. Wait! I've already written it!

Cynthia's Attic series takes 12-year-old best friends, Cynthia and Gus (me!) through time from 1964 to 1914 and beyond. They even manage to make a trip into the future in The Magician's Castle.
A couple of reasons led to writing the books. A recurring dream I had for over 20 years about a mysterious attic was one. When realizing the dream took place in the attic of my childhood friend, Cynthia...well, you see where I'm going.

But, the main reason I've enjoyed writing the books is the ability to have adventures with my ancestors. I always regretted not paying more attention to my grandparents' stories about "the good ol' days." There are so many things I'd love to ask them, today. Unfortunately, they're all gone and many family stories died with them.

That didn't stop me from writing about the real disappearance of my g. g. grandfather who disappeared while taking a flat boat loaded with produce down the Mississippi River (Curse of the Bayou), or my g. grandfather's music store that came in handy when the circus needed an organ for the evening performance (The Magic Medallion).

I've written adventures about my dad, who was a teenage cave guide, my g. grandmother, who had to deal with running the family farm after her husband disappeared, and even my dog, Molly who died halfway through the writing of The Magician's Castle. I was so devastated over her death, that finishing the book was in question until a friend suggested I write her into the story. She quickly became my favorite character.

So, I guess my wish would be to really travel back in time and talk to my ancestors and listen to all the stories they'd have to tell. But, until someone invests a real time machine, or finds a magic trunk (besides the one in Cynthia's attic!), guess I'll be content to have adventures with them through my stories.

Coming Soon! Spring 2012 - Cynthia's Attic: Legend of Lupin Woods!

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