Monday, November 28, 2011

How Two People Consumed a 21-lb Turkey In 4 Days!

Day 1. Thanksgiving (duh)
Turkey dinner with all the fixin's around 2:00 PM topped off with lemon meringue pie!

Turkey sandwiches around 7:00PM (Yummy!!) Nature's sleeping pill!

 Day 2.
Turkey sandwiches with mayo, lettuce, and cranberry sauce for lunch (still tasty!)

Turkey dinner with all the fixin's (round 2) plus pie, of course! (Next-day leftovers are even better, don't you think?)

Day 3.

Turkey salad sandwiches for lunch. (Lovin' me some turkey salad!)

Turkey/romaine chef salad for dinner (Finally, something green that isn't soaked in Campbell's mushroom soup and French's onions!) and, oh yeah…pie.

Day 4.

Turkey salad sandwiches for lunch (Not lovin' the turkey salad so much and there's still half a bowl).

Turkey pot pie for dinner and the last of the lemon meringue. (sigh) 
Note: There might have been Day 5 except that on day 2 I was smart enough to vacuum seal a couple bags of turkey pieces for some time in May, (the earliest possible date I figure we'll be able to look at turkey, again, without gagging).

Btw,  our furry daughter requested a 22-pounder next year because Lucy and "friends" didn't get their share.

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