Saturday, January 28, 2012

Madison's Message: Help Close Puppy Mills!

Author, Madison Cassel-Hughes and Illustrator, Patrick Hendrickson
A new book by Madison Cassel-Hughes, My Summer is the result of Madison's mother, Christine, and the entire family, making the unselfish decision to rescue thirty dogs from a puppy mill in West Georgia. The dogs were set to be euthanized because the owner was losing her lease, so mom, Christine Cassel loaded the kids in the van and drove to the location to "pick three because we can't save all thirty." Famous last words! After a sleepless night, they drove back and got the rest the next day.

The result of her unusual summer adventure led Madison to write a book in order to educate every one, especially kids her own age, about the horrendous conditions under which puppy mill dogs live. Some, sadly, never have the chance to feel grass under their feet.
Dogs filled every seat, floor and corner of the van!

I thought you should know more about Madison, her book, and the compassion and spirit that compels her to help educate others about the awful conditions in puppy mills.

CA: I'm So proud of you and your book, Madison!  What inspired you to write, My Summer, about your experience rescuing dogs from a puppy mill?

Madison: I wanted to teach kids about puppymills and pets stores so they would understand how sad it is for animals to live in cages.

CA: That's a very ambitious project, Madison. What was the most difficult part of writing your book?

Madison: I Enjoyed everything about writing the book. I was very excited!

CA: Your family rescued one of the puppy mill dogs. Was this a family decision, or did you choose her?

Madison: The women that owned the puppymill was thanking us for saving them and gave us this beautiful little white dog. We were in love! And named her Summer!

CA: Would you like to write more books about pet rescues?

Madison: Yes, I would love to write a book about Bella a beautiful pit lab mix saved off the side of the road. She was cut up on the face and holes in her chest. Now she has a great life...all because my mom said yes. And a book on Nicholas the deaf American bulldog that we drove all the way to Florida to save from the pound.
Nicholas lounging in his new home
Lucy in her new home & Dad's arms

I know, first hand, how devoted Madison's mom is to pet rescues since she's the one who found our sweet Lucy!

CA: So, Madison, now that you're an author, do your friends treat you differently?

Madison: No my friends think it is cool and were very excited.

CA:  Since you are working to save dogs, have you ever thought about working with animals - maybe becoming a veterinarian?

Madison: No, I would like to become a archeologist.

And, I'm sure you'll accomplish whatever you set out to do, Madison! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Madison and Summer
Copies of My Summer are being donated to local libraries with proceeds for purchased books going to animal rescue groups in the West Georgia area. To find out more about purchasing a book email: 

And, please remember: Don't Shop! Adopt! 

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