Monday, April 29, 2013

Indiana Caverns: Binkley Cave

The Binkley Connection
A year ago on Saturday, February 11th, 2012, a connection between Blowing Hole and Binkley Caves was discovered. The Binkley cave system is the 11th longest in the nation and the longest in Indiana. Their combined length totals 34.72 miles with more passageways awaiting discovery.

With this new discovery, a public entrance to Binkley Cave could now be created to allow visitors into the cave system. Previously all entrances were located on private property and restricted from access.

Panoramic Views, Waterfalls, and Ancient Bones
Experience panoramic views of Big Bone Mountain and its enormous piles of breakdown and three amazing waterfalls, one crashing down almost 40 feet into flowstone. Uncover the cave’s rich past and the animals that called it home, as you learn about its ancient bones.

Boat Ride, Cave Life, and History

Travel onward to Blowing Hole Boulevard for an underground boat trip you’ll never forget! Glimpse blind cave fish and crayfish along with other cave life amidst the beautiful brimstone dams. Learn how caves are formed, and their special role in their environment.

Why, you ask, am I posting this on my blog?
1. Corydon, Indiana, the site of this new, and exciting cave system, is my hometown.

2. My new series, Adventures of Max and Maddie, will have the area surrounding this cave as its setting for the third story!

So, there you have it. Stop back for the opening date for Binkley Cave!

Indiana Caverns Website

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I am a student teacher planning a 4th grade writers workshop focused on the genre historical fiction. In an effort to integrate Indiana history, I am hoping to immerse the students in historical fiction set in significant locations and periods in our state. I couldn't really tell from the " look inside feature on the Kindle website... If you'd call it historical fiction, I think your books are exactly what we're looking for.
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