Monday, September 8, 2014

Christine Eldin Memorial Fellowship

I haven't blogged in awhile. You know how life gets in the way. But, this is too important not to share.

Two years ago the children's writing community lost a dear friend, supporter, and fabulous writer.

Chris Eldin wanted, more than anything...well, other than spending as much time as possible with her two be a published author. In working toward her dream, she established a blog called The Book Roast. I had the privilege to be roasted, on more than one occasion, and never tired of reading her wonderful interviews that included many, diverse books and authors.

A year ago, a small group of her friends decided to honor her contribution and her passion. We've created the Christine Eldin Memorial Fellowship, designed to:

1. Honor the memory of Chris Eldin.

2. Provide recognition and financial assistance to an unpublished middle grade fiction writer whose work-in-progress reveals potential for a successful writing career.

In order to make this an annual event, however, we need to raise funds. The Eldin Memorial Fundraising Page accepts contributions for this worthy cause, and also give you the opportunity to snag autographed books, by a group of excellent authors, writing courses, SKYPE visits, and even a video with Travis Erwin (founder of Lettuce is the Devil), actually eating a leaf of lettuce! What more could you want?
Whether you're a writer, aspiring author, or an avid reader, please consider donating.

You'll also find a link to the submissions page, so get those manuscripts ready!

Two things I know, for sure. The world was a better place with Chris in it, and how proud she'd be of the fellowship created to carry on her work.

Hope we're making you proud, Chris!

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