Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hattie Big Sky - Chris's Thoughts

Awards and Honors

*Nomination for the 2007-2008
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

*Hattie Big Sky wins 2006 Montana
Book Award

*Hattie Big Sky selected as a
2007 Newbery Honor Book

*School Library Journal names Hattie
a Best Book of the Year

*Starred review: School Library Journal

*Starred review from Booklist

Chris's Thoughts

What attracted me initially to 'Hattie Big Sky' is that it's about my favorite part of the country-the West. And about a state I've always wanted to visit-Montana. The story gives more than enough detail to make you feel like you are right with Hattie, trying to prove up her claim. Everything from the cold, brutal winter to the dry summer heat and the invasion of grasshoppers and hailstones leaves you feeling humbled by what nature can do.

The anti-German sentiment provided another layer of depth to Hattie's story. Children calling other children 'huns' and the shopkeeper calling sauerkraut 'liberty cabbage' provided a look into the racism that existed then, without turning Hattie's story into a social commentary.

I loved that Hattie's story is realistic. I truly felt I learned a lot about the life on a homestead. What a great way for children to learn about history! This book is warm, vibrant, and leaves you with a feeling of lingering hope. I loved Hattie's spirit, and would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a YA that's more than a high-school drama-queen story. Hattie reminds me of an older Laura Ingalls Wilder. Kudos for a great story!!


Church Lady said...

I love my thoughts.

ADPickle said...

Now those comments make me want to see this book in every school across our country. Ethical values, and simpler, if harder times expressed in a manner that entices our younger future to yearn for that life.

This is obviously a must read for adults as well. It's on my list.

Mary Cunningham said...

As well you should, Church. They're special thoughts...and they're yours.

adpickle, you're right. I haven't found a down side in HBS. It's a winner all the way around.

Thanks for stopping by!

Janet Muirhead Hill said...

Hi Mary, I have my (me)me blog tag up today if you want to come look at my answers. I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Your tag link is in today's post.

Janet Muirhead Hill

Mussel Bound said...

If the Church Lady recommends it, it must be outstanding.

And yes, it does sound like a great story, too. :^D

Word said...

Hi all,

Church, those were good thoughts! You must have had "divine inspiration" ((tee hee....feeling a little squirly today))

Off subject a bit - but we caught another mouse today. My husband said the funniest thing.

Okay - so have one of those "live" traps. Basically, mouse goes in, but can't get out.

I came home from work for lunch. He had the trap out in the garage.

Me: "Why didn't you take it out to the vacant lot and let him go?"

Him: "I want him to sit in there for a little longer.....to think about it!"

I laughed. Giving a mouse a time out!

Anyway - that's my funny for the day.

Great comments on a great book Church!

Cheers all

Church Lady said...

Okay, I feel stewpid. Just joking about lovin my thoughts.

Word, Really liked your comments. They were authentic and full of emotion.

Awww...cute little mouse! Very funny that your DH put him in time-out! :-)

Musselbound, This is a great book. I hope you have the chance to read it sometime!!

Mary Cunningham said...

LOL!! Giving a mouse a time out!! Oh, this is funny, word.

Thanks for honoring me, mussel bound! I'm glad you stopped by, if only because church told you to! Maybe you'll check us out again. Hmmmmm?

And, church, your thoughts could never be stewpid!