Friday, November 30, 2007

Nita's Thoughts

It's Friday, and we've all thoroughly enjoyed our week with Hattie and Kirby. I've gained a lot of new insight into the book and the story behind the book. If you're looking for award-winning literature, an inspirational story of a young woman defying all odds in the pioneer wilderness, or simply an entertaining "read," Hattie Big Sky is for you. Whether you're ten or sixty, it will not disappoint.

Now, onto the final thoughts from my "Award-Winning" group, The Creative Cafe.

Nita's Thoughts

As a long time fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Praire, I found Hattie Big Sky to be a delightful revisit to the world of homesteads, wood stoves, and back-breaking farm work. In some ways, Hattie reminds me of Laura - all the spunk but just a little more sweetness. However, unlike Laura who had Ma and Pa and sisters to share the workload with, Hattie is alone when she inherits her homestead. The very thought of a sixteen-year-old girl left to prove up a homestead on her own is almost incomprehensible. The sorrows and hardships that Hattie encounters require more courage, determination, and hard work than she ever knew she was capable of.

Hattie finds friendship and encouragement in her new neighbors the Meullers - a fun and endearing cast of characters who become a kind of surrogate family to Hattie. But a lot of struggles Hattie tackles alone, such as learning to cook, adjusting to the life of a homesteader, and missing the boy at war overseas.

Hattie shows amazing gumption in the face of crushing hardships, such as brutal heat and cold, neighbors that are offensive or downright manipulative, and heartbreak striking the people she cares about most. The struggles of this orphaned girl trying to establish herself as a grown woman and capable homesteader are captivating and inspiring. I'd recommend Hattie Big Sky as a truly delightful read and a wonderful visit to a past that really isn't so long ago.


Church Lady said...

This is a great review, Nita!
You captured the tone very well.

Mary Cunningham said...

I agree, Nita. The Laura Ingalls Wilder reference seems to keep popping up, too.

A beautifully-written book. I did a booksigning today and anytime I was asked about recommendations after mine, of course :>) one of the books I highly recommended was HBS.

Word said...

Hi all,

This has been a fun week! So glad it's Friday! What a great thing to come home to after a really snarty work week! Nita - your review is fabio! And Mary - what an excellent job you did with this weeks topic! Such fun excerpts and thoughts you've provided us all. And Kirby - thanks so much for stopping in to visit and chat with us all.

I can't tell you how surreal this is to me....a small town girl...hob nobbing with published authors!

Cheers to you all!


Mary Cunningham said...

It has been a fun week. I think we owe Kirby and big "thank you" for
1. Researching her g.grandmother's adventures
2. Writing "Hattie Big Sky"
3. Being such a good sport!

Thanks, Kirby!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, and thanks, word for introducing us to "snarty!"

Mary Cunningham said...

This comment was from an earlier post from word, so I'm reposting it.

Kirby - has anyone asked about movie rights yet? I could see that
happening very easily.

I've had other people say it seems like a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie,
too. Now I just need to get the Hallmark folks to think so! ;-)

It seems like the perfect
Hallmark Hall of Fame movie to me, too. Mary