Monday, November 19, 2007

Phooey, Huey!

My heart was broken over the weekend. Oh, I know I SAID I was going to Savannah for the Children's Book Festival but I was REALLY going for cafe au lait and beignets at Hueys. So, after a semi-successful day at the festival, we rush to the riverwalk and spot the welcoming "Huey's" sign among all the other restaurants, bars, candy shops, gift shops. We decide to explore later. Coffee, like we haven't had since leaving Louisiana, beckoned.

Deciding to eat dinner before dessert (like our mothers taught us), my husband ordered a shimp Po' Boy and red beans and rice, and I ordered catfish, red beans and rice and sweet potato bread (yummy!) "Sorry. We're out of sweet potato bread," the waiter announced. Okay. I'm disappointed, but I'll live, although I still remembered how good that bread was from our trip last year. But, beignets and cafe au lait await, so just get over it, Mary!

Dinner was good. Not great, but good. Now...for dessert and coffee! "Would you care for dessert?" our waiter asked.

"Yup," my husband answered. No, he's not from Texas, and I don't know why he decided to channel a cowboy at that moment, but he went on, "we'd like an order of beignets and two cups of cafe au lait."

"The beignets I can do," the waiter said ominously, "but our coffee machine is broken, so we have no..."

I'm sure he went on to say they had 'no cafe au lait,' but my life flashed before my eyes and I got very lightheaded. The last thing I heard, before my husband helped me out of the restaurant was, "then forget the beignets!"

It's Monday, and I've recovered...almost.


Church Lady said...

I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you wanted.
Hopefully, things will be perking up!!!
And what's a beignet? Are you sure it's edible?

Mary Cunningham said...

"perking up..." Oh, Church Lady, you slay me! Ever consider "stand up?"

Beignets??? Oh, CL, they're just about the best fried, powdered sugary dessert!! Kinda like a puffy, light doughnut.

Read "Curse of the Bayou!" It's Gus's favorite!!

Church Lady said...

*waiting for my box of free copies via FedEx*


I'll be placing an Amazon order soon. COTB will definitely be on the list for my children!!