Thursday, November 15, 2007

Savannah Children's Book Festival

Packing the old suitcase for a weekend getaway to Savannah for the annual Savannah Children's Book Festival. My husband is even looking forward to being my chauffeur. He spent several years traveling to and from Savannah, and has fond memories of this unique city.

Last year, we found a cute little New Orleans style restaurant. The name escapes me but I promise to post it next week. We went into the restaurant for lunch on Friday and ended up eating 2 plates of beignets and 2 cups (each) of cafe au lait which were every bit as good as we remembered when we lived in New Orleans. Needless to say, we're going back.

The Children's Book Festival is the best run festival I've had the privilege to attend. They have a crab boil the night before for authors and their spouses, significant others, etc. They have breakfast and plenty of coffee available in the morning, a wonderful box lunch, and all the water or soft drinks you want during the day.

The authors are set up with tables and umbrellas around a huge fountain (built in 1848) in Forsyth Park. Tents are set up for author presentations and readings. It's a fun, fun day.

My fellow Quake author, Shannon Greenland will be there this year, mostly due to my glowing review of the event last year. Can't wait to finally meet her face-to-face. Shannon writes a super YA series called "The Specialists." I believe she's on her third book in the series (April 2008)!

Next week, I'll have pictures!


Church Lady said...

Sounds really nice! Hope you have fun!!!!

We in Bal'more LOVE our crabs!!

Mary Cunningham said...

Are you saying I'm crabby, CL?? Oh, you mean like crab cakes! Hmmmm. None better than in Maryland!!

Will do!

Shannon Greenland said...

Savannah is mere hours away. Can't wait to meet you! ~Shannon