Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stuart Little...we hardly knew ye. (sniff)


That's the sound I heard as my husband, broom in hand, chased a mouse from the hall closet, through the kitchen...straight at me! I swear it was as big as a raccoon, or a possum, or, at the very least, a squirrel on steroids.

"Stuart" (that's what we named him) ran, who knows where because I wasn't watching. "Where'd he go?" my exasperated husband asked.


"How am I supposed to find him if you don't know which way he went?!"

"EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!" By this time, my shrieking was coming from the top of a stepstool.

"Mary. It's a MOUSE! It can't hurt you. It's a little bitty MOUSE!"

I knew he was right, but I stood my ground...on top of the stepstool. All I could think about was the time a friend had spotted a snake in her house and called her husband at work, from the top of her refridgerator. Oh, I finally ventured down. After a half hour search behind the sofa, behind the TV wall unit, behind the rattan chest, etc., my husband signaled "all clear" and I confidently ran to the sofa and plopped my feet on the coffee table keeping one eye on Boston Legal and one eye on the family room floor.

Next day, "Stuart" was spotted on the top basement step. A 1/2 inch gap under the basement door had apparently been his invitation into our house.

Yesterday, "Stuart's" mousie door was plugged with weather stripping, keeping him trapped in our basement for all eternity.

But, I'm such a softie, I'm hoping to, one day, walk down the basement steps and see him standing, suitcase in hand, at the door leading to our backyard. "Hey, ya wanna let me out?" he'll motion.

I'll open the door and watch him run to freedom...until the next cold snap finds him and, perhaps, Mrs. Little and the Little brood searching for a way back into our nice, warm family room, or (shudder) pantry!


D.S. Dollman said...

Oh, Mary, I can relate! As I run through my house trying to chase a tiny lizard that has chosen to winter-over inside, I keep picturing that cute Geicko lizard holding a suitcase and waving hello. I'm sort of hoping our little friend here somehow manages to avoid the family cat!

Mary Cunningham said...

We used to have lizards all the time in Florida. We loved them inside because they ate bugs! I wasn't lovin' the mouse in my kitchen, though! ICK! Thanks for the comment!

Peachy McKeen said...

Ah, my dear. You haven't watched Ratatouille, have you. Them little suckers have teeth sharp enough to chew through pipes! But I'm sure weather striping will do the trick. (yeah ri...IKES!!!)

Mary Cunningham said...

Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence, Peachy! Guess I'm going to have to stand guard at the basement door tonight! (Think I'm getting a case of the vah-pahs!)

Speaking of Rararoulle, that little fella sure can cook!

Church Lady said...

We get them every Fall. I don't know where the opening is. They are cute, until you see how they scurry.

A couple of years ago, we had one so fat that he actually walked around. Not running along the edge of the walls. Strutted out in the middle. Well-fed and arrogant he was. We left him alone to his own coronary clogs.

Mice are smart, you know. Aren't they?

Mary Cunningham said...

Cute? That's what my husband kept trying to tell me. It looked like a 10 lb. NY sewer rat to me!

Funny, I think chipmunks are adorable! But, you put a mouse in my kitchen and I go nuts!

Thanks for stopping by CL!

Word said...

Hi Mary!

That was so cute! I can imagine the little guy with a suitcase in hand...lemme out crazy lady with the broom!

Today must have been the day for mice. I got a phone call at work today from my youngest. "Mommy! We caught the mouse!" They saved it for me to see when I got home from work. How sweet - UHG!

Mouse hunters unite!


Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, how sweeeet, word, that they saved him for you to see after work!

I'm just hoping that, like Elvis, Stuart has "left the building."

Dot Ramsey-Patterson said...

Well, Mary, I can relate to the mousey story. Mine was when I realized that the string coming from my cat "Hot Pants" mouth was actually the tail of the mouse inside her mouth. Sure enough...when I went to investigate, she was eating at her food dish with one paw standing on the mousie so it wouldn't get away. Then there was the time I was 7 months pregnant with my son when a lizard zoomed through the bedroom and I jumped onto the dresser where I stayed for an hour before venturing down to floor level. My latest was the time my cat "Mack" brought a large chipmunk in the house and released it in the breakfast room which was at a lower level than the rest of the house. Wow, it took some time to get him out of the house without the cat eating him. I'm still tired just thinking about it. Dot

Mary Cunningham said...

Ewwww, Dot! You've had too many mousie adventures!! Speaking of Mack, wasn't he the one that scared our poor Bassett puppy, Wilbur, half to death?

After seeing that mouse having his way in our kitchen, I was ready to get a cat. Molly was no help at all. She was too busy wondering why Mom was shrieking!

Jeff Sherratt said...

I once had a big rat in my house...he left with the silverware.

Jeff Sherratt

Mary Cunningham said...

Did your rat have a suitcase, too? I think you win the prize for the biggest rodent, Jeff

Jeff Sherratt said...

Thanks, Mary...Yes, I'm the biggest rodent in this group...wanna see my tail?

Jeff Sherratt

Mary Cunningham said... thanks, Jeff. I'm good!

Church Lady said...

*I* wanna see his tail.

Mary Cunningham said...

Oh, you WOULD, CL!!

Watch out, Jeff, Church Lady can be a little shifty, as you probably noticed from her blog. (I have "blog envy.")

Jeff Sherratt said...

Oh, my...Sorry for the confusion, girls...I meant "Tale". It’s on Amazon.


Mary Cunningham said...

Uh, yeah...right, Jeff. I wasn't born yesterday. Not by a LONG shot! Okay, we'll check out your TALE on Amazon. (Sneaky way to get in a plug...ingenious, but sneaky)

Word said...

Mary -

Whew - kinda getting a little racey! What is that hussy church lady doing on your blog? And checking out tails? Quick Church - gimmee ten Hail Mary's sister!


Echelon Press Publishing said...

All right, let's clean it up kids. This is a kid zone and...well, I couldn't think of anything clean to say, so that's it.

I once had a cousin of Stuart's in my apartment in Texas, he came in to get warm from a construction site. Hubby was traveling, it was about 48 degrees outside and I had to stand outside my front door for over an hour waiting for my 9 months (ready to pop) friend and her husband to drive across three towns to come to my rescue.

Keep in mind that it was toasty in my apt. so I was only wearing shorts and a tank top, no shoes, and it was cold outside for that hour. But thankfully when they got there I was brave enough to climb onto the dining room room table and wait out the crisis.

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for this cousin...he refused to leave, so had to be...snap...well you know.

Mary Cunningham said...

Dining room table?!? Why didn't I think of that??

Reminds me of going crabbing (CL, this is for you on later post)in Maryland. We'd caught about 50 crabs and had covered them and put them in the kitchen sink at the neighbor's house while we ran a few errands. When we came back, crabs were running all over the kitchen floor and the neighbor's collie puppy was on top of the kitchen table. I'm not sure he ever got past the trauma!