Monday, July 28, 2008

Rockin' Review!

I'm pretty proud of this latest review for "Cynthia's Attic: Curse of the Bayou" from Real Reader Reviews. To read the entire review, just click on the link at the bottom. RJ's Cafe also has tons of other great reviews and information!

"The third time really is the charm for author Mary Cunningham, as her latest installment in the Cynthia’s Attic series is the best of the trio. While books one and two are delightfully entertaining, within a few pages of book three, it is apparent that the writer has grown right a long side her two main characters. Blending parallel universes with very real human issues while allowing the reader to suspend the need for reason is a huge undertaking, and one that Cunningham has met and far exceeded with Curse of the Bayou."
To read the entire review click here
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Word said...

Hi Mary!

I just finished reading that review. WOW! I couldn't agree more. You should feel proud of that one. Way to go!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Word! Appreciate the support and the comment. Thanks for taking the time to read the review. :-)