Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Fever

Yep, I got it.

The cure?

Hours of swimming, diving, gymnastics, beach volleyball, track and field, basketball, soccer. Heck! I even got engrossed in a badminton match! (Is that what it’s called? A match?)

I love the Olympics! Always have. Guess I come by it naturally since my dad was such a fan.

If the opening ceremonies are any indication, these Olympics should be among the best. I’ve heard many commentators say that they don’t expect to ever see another live display to equal what was witnessed last Friday night in Beijing. It was pretty darn good on TV, too!

The swimming competition has been phenomenal! I sure enjoyed the U.S. “crushing” the French swimmers in the 4 X 100 men’s relay! And, how about Cullen Jones!

(From the official Olympic website) When Jones was five years old, his parents took him to a water park. Before he went down a big slide on an inner tube, his dad made him promise not to let go of the tube, no matter what. When he got to the bottom, the tube flipped over, leaving him trapped underwater but clinging to the tube. Jones actually lost consciousness before his father spotted him and pulled him out of the water. Lifeguards performed CPR, and Jones coughed up a pint of water before taking his first breath. But Jones had no idea at the time that his life had been in danger -- he immediately asked his parents what the next ride was.

We should be so grateful that this talented swimmer didn’t develop a fear of water. A good lesson for us all. Too many times, we let fear paralyze us. One bad experience and it’s our excuse to avoid getting into a particular situation for the rest of our lives. Not Cullen Jones. He got right back on the horse...er, into the water!

Got me thinking that, just because my brother used to stuff me in a footstool and sit on the lid is no excuse to avoid elevators and closed spaces! Right? Right??

Sorry. Will finish this later. Gotta go open a window!


kimberly said...

yesterday was a BIG DAY for Germany, too! at breakfast my husband was so sad that Germany only had a bronze so far. I said WAIT, today are equestrian events - and - lo and behold, 2 golds! more to come with dressage,i´m sure. Not to mention the marvelous gold for our kajaker from Augsburg. Lucky me, I get to cheer for two countries! Go USA!
I cheer for everybody, actually.
When I saw the opening ceremonies i though, just MAYBE this will be a turning point in Chinese history...when millions (billions?) of Chinese witness their magnificent history and become curious to delve beyond...into their own great taoistic religious tradition which would bring peace and respect for all living beings on this planet.
I can hope, can´t I? Every 7th human being is a Chinese peasant...
think about that!
THanks for your commentary Mary, I´m right with you!

Mary Cunningham said...

Great comment, kimberly. I cheer for everyone, too. Even watching the women's gymnastics last night, I simply couldn't wish mistakes on the Chinese team.

Someone told me the other day that they're boycotting the Olympics because of China's human rights record. I certainly respect that.

I have a different pov, however. This "grand stage" may work to change that. At the very least, it will expose them to the world.

Word said...

I LOVE the Olympics and have been watching the swimming and gynastics. I've always loved the gynmastics events. In fact I remember when I was a kid, after watching the gymnists, we'd head out to the back yard and work on our cartwheels. Surely we were destined for greatness.

The swimming events are a new love for me. I never really got "into" those prior to my daughter joining the swim team this summer. Now I have quite an appreciation for the sport. How anyone can do a butterfly is beyond me. Amazing to watch.

AND one more comment about why I love the Olympics.

Bret Favre.

Being from Wisconsin, one can not avoid the whole Bret Favre drama. Quite honestly I was disgusted by the whole thing.

The Olympics remind me of what is good and pure about sports and competition.



Mary Cunningham said...

Just as Tiger pulled thousands of kids into golf, Michael Phelps is adding thousands to swim clubs all over the country!

Could we have found a solution to childhood obesity? Let's hope it lasts.

My thoughts exactly about Favre. He shoulda stayed retired!

Thanks for your post, word!