Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged With A Happy Meme!

Jacquelyn and "Surviving Serendipity"
Pooh and "The Missing Locket"

Jacquelyn Sylvan , author of Surviving Serendipity, just tagged me with "What are six things that make me happy." Only six?? Are you kidding me? Okay, here goes:

1. My husband bringing me a steamy cup of cappuccino in the morning. (I say "it's love." He says, "self defense.")

2. Laughing with friends until we cry.

3. writing

4. Chocolate (and more chocolate)

5. The view from my desk

6. Watching the Superbowl. Go Steelers!

Now, for the fun part! Tag! You're it!

Diana Black

Janet Muirhead Hill

Morgan Mandel

Mayra Calvani


Diana Black said...

Oh, boy! Oh, boy!! Thank you! Okay, I can do this. I can do this thing...In no particular order:

1. hanging with my daughter & granddaughter

2. a night out with my hubby

3. chocolate

4. working on a project that fills my soul

5. reading a really, really, REALLY good book

6. the love of family & friends

I'll post the above on my blog and play it forward!

Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the tag. I'll need to figure out when to respond, since I've already been tagged a few times on this one. It's highly contagious. That's okay. I'd rather be happy than sad.(g)
I'll let you know when.

Morgan Mandel

Mary Cunningham said...

Take your time, Morgan. Look at it this way. People assume you have a lot of happy thoughts to spread around!

And, thanks for your list, D!