Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's COOL to be a TWEEN!

Tweens. They're a hot market, they're complicated, and there are two in the White House: Sasha and Malia Obama.

What do tweens consider cool? Music was at the top of the list, followed by going to the movies. "Being smart" ranked third tied with video games followed by electronics, sports, fashion and protecting the environment, according to a report.

Read the article in USA Today

Are you a tween? Have a tween in your home? What do YOU think is cool?

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Cynthia's Attic Series for Tweens


Word said...

Hi Mary!

Tweens are cool! And they are so smart and creative too. They are uber internet saavy. It's good to have a tween in the house when your seeking information on anything.

They are also expensive. Make sure to have an unlimted texting plan with cell'll need it.

Unfortunately - one thing has not changed from when I was a tween. They are still sooo self aware of appearances. sigh.

Mary Cunningham said...

Love your comments, Word! So much has changed, but one thing stays the same..."how do I look?"

Wish we could tell them that it really does matter what's inside! But, they wouldn't listen. We didn't!

Diana Black said...

I'm not sure. Do I qualify as a tween? I feel like one some days.

But actually I'm a WOOFer who looks at tweens and tries to remember what it's like at that age.

One day they'll look back... and I guess all we as adults really want for them is that they look back with fond memories.

Signed: Tween a rocking chair and a hard mattress.

Michele Scott said...

Tweens are pretty cool. My two oldest are past the tween stage and full on into the teen stage, which isn't always fun. My little one is only 8 and she thinks (and I agree) that the coolest thing in the world has to be horses!


Mary Cunningham said...

Ooooh, two teenagers, Michele. Have fun! And, good luck with the new book on Quake!

Thanks for stopping by!

Fairy Lady said...

I have tween grandchildren now and I am much calmer and more tolerant about what they do than about what my own kids did. You see, I now know that everything is just a phase and, no matter what they are going through, there's a good life on the other side of the tweenage years.

Mary Cunningham said...

Wonderful perspective, Fairy Lady.

I believe, as grandparents, we've learned to "pick our battles." Something that was hard to do as parents.

Thanks for stopping by!

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