Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alyssa Montgomery Sees Dead People!

Parker Ryder’s best friend is dead. Everyone says the accident wasn’t his fault, but Parker can barely live with the guilt. Now, Parker is getting strange E-Mails. It seems that someone else doesn’t want Parker to live with the guilt … Or live at all!

Quake Publishing, 2007

Connor Rydell, Parker's BFF, appears in 9:53 PM – The Heat of the Moment – (which is written before he dies), and then in “Where Are You?” (which is written after he dies).

He has a pretty laid back attitude with a sense of wittiness, but is serious when the situation requires it, and cares for his friends and family. His confidence level is high, as he says in 9:53 PM: The Heat of the Moment, “The ladies are lined up all the way down the block just to catch a glimpse of me”.

Gus (Augusta Lee), the twelve-year old time-traveler from the Cynthia's Attic series, recently caught up with Connor, straight out of Alyssa Montgomery’s YA thriller, “Where Are You?” Cynthia’s Attic Blog listened in on the interview!

Gus: Hey, Connor! Thanks for answering some questions. Seems that although everyone says your accident was just accident, your best friend, Parker is feeling major guilt about it. Do you blame Parker for your death?

Connor: Man, that’s a hard question. Guess it depends on when you ask me it. If you asked me before I died, I’d say no. Parker’s my best friend, man, and it wasn’t his fault! But if you asked me after I died…

Gus: I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my best friend, Cynthia! Especially if I felt responsible for her death. So, what kind of friends were, or should I say, are you and Parker?

Connor: Parker and me are best friends! Him, Cal, and I make the invincible trio! Parker’s a little different than me, though. I’m more of a free spirit and the ladies’ man, and he’s so structured. He always plans everything! But that’s okay. It’s not a bad thing. He’s still my best bud.

Gus: What did you like to do when you hung out together? Computer games? Cynthia and I grew up before computers. Bet we would've had fun e-mailing each other back and forth. I can see us spending hours doing this...but we might’ve missed out on a lot of fun softball games in the back yard.

Connor: We mostly just hung around, did stuff. Parker was always so serious about his homework, so I’d end up playing videogames or something while he finished it up. He took so many AP classes, man! Me? I laid back so I would have some relaxin’ time.

Gus: What's it like to be dead? I had a dream once that I was dead. A horrible pirate named Jack LaBuse killed me! It was awful!

Connor: Man, that is not a topic I want to talk about. It’s different from being alive, and while I sound happy right now, something changed in me when I died that I’m not exactly happy about…

Gus: Oh, not fair! What aren’t you happy about? What’s different? What...? Oh. Guess we’ll have to find out by reading “Where Are You,” huh? Anyway, thanks for talking to me. See ya! (or not!)

Alyssa Montgomery


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Pam Ripling said...

(Cue spooky music here ->)
And just what DID change about you, Connor? Hmmm? Bwahahahaha...

I'm cool because I already know!


Mary Cunningham said...

No Fair! I wanna know too!

Gus (Mary C is posting this for me)

Regan Black said...

Bet there's no way Pam will give up the secret, huh? Can't wait to read it and find out for myself.

Thanks to Gus for an intriguing interview.


Morgan Mandel said...

Great interview. Definitely spooky.

Morgan Mandel

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Morgan! I'll be sure to tell Gus that you enjoye it (heh-heh)