Thursday, February 26, 2009

"I just want you to know..."

At a recent school visit in Georgia, a bright, confident 5th grader came up to me after my presentation and said, "I just want you to know, I'm going to be a famous author." No qualification to her statement, no hesitation, no "maybe's." Just flat out, positive fact.

I think my answer back was, "I have no doubt." And, I didn't. Later, I tried to decide if in her statement, she was simply stating a fact; wanting to give me an "FYI," or if she was issuing a challenge. I'm kinda leaning toward the challenge. "Just wanted you to know, I'M going to be a famous author, so enjoy your time in the spotlight while you can."

I still smile when I think about her. When I was in the 5th grade, I was trying to figure out how to keep from showing a mouth full of teeth that were far too big for the rest of me! Or, wondering whether I'd be chosen to play in the elementary school's lunchtime softball game.

Although the enthusiastic young reader in the picture isn't my new-found competition, she is an avid reader of "Cynthia's" Attic". And, who knows? With her quiet confidence, I have no doubt she will grow up to be an author, doctor, inspiring educator or maybe even President.

To all the young authors out there. Bring it on! I love it. I love the fact that maybe...just maybe my books have inspired you to write. There is no higher compliment.

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Diana Black said...

I have a sneaking feeling the young girl you described meant all three: she was simply stating a fact; wanting to give you an "FYI," and issuing a challenge.

Oh, to be that confident at that age. I could learn a thing or two from her.

Best of luck, and did you get HER autograph?


chris v said...

Ha! Confidence is better than shrinking violet I suppose. Well good for them. After all, who will we read in our dotage?