Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amigo Does Interviews!

Mayra Calvani's Golden Retriever, Amigo, has come up with a great idea. He's now conducting interview on Pets and Authors Blogs

Amigo, it turns out, is a fabulous interviewer! As he humbly tells it, "I'm three years old and I have connections with the CIA. My new hobby is to interview authors' pets--dogs, cats, rats, lizards, birds, squirrels, horses, fish, you name it! I'm less tolerant with rabbits (for obvious reasons), but I can always be bribed with the right treats (how about filet mignon?). Learn the authors' dirty little secrets... straight from their pet's mouths! Woof! Woof!

So, jump on over to Pets and Authors Blog and read about Balto and Willow and Osiris. Find out all the tricks they use to annoy their author mom's and dad's. (Amigo likes to stare at his mom until she feels guilty about writing.)

So, check out Amigo's blog. He's even working on getting his own e-mail account!

And, while you're at it, check out Amigo's mom's books! Mayra's Secret Bookcase

The Magic Violin (click on picture for Amazon)


Mayra Calvani said...

Hi Mary,

I have taken possession of the laptop while my mom prepares breakfast... Thanks for the plug about my blog... I love it that I'm becoming famous... soon I'll take over the whole blogosphere!



Norm Cowie said...

My cat, who is more of a dog than my dog ever was, feels he is above this sort of thing.

However, if you would like to hear his Royal Decrees, he might not object.



Regan Black said...

Hi Mary!

Can you imagine the tidbits my zoo would share with Amigo? It boggles my mind.

The cats are already plotting how to hijack my keyboard...


Mary Cunningham said...

There you go, Amigo! Norm's cat might be convinced, and I know for a fact that Regan's menagerie is ready and willing to dish the dirt on her!

Thanks for the comments!

No Name Me said...

Hey Mary,

I added your link to my blog. Love the site!!!


Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy!! And, for the link add!