Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pixie Chicks are running around in Cynthia's Attic!

I'M SO EXCITED!! Just got my copy of Pixie Chicks, by Regan Black (Quake - Fictionwise). Can't wait to read it! I'll review it in the days to come, but meantime, here's a preview of the Pixie Chicks themselves!

Pixie Profiles

The Pixie Chicks are a quartet of girls in the high school marching band. They got this name from the drum major during their freshman year of summer band camp. Yes, eventually you will hear more about him.

Brianna Marie Fairchild is the leader - when a leader is needed for planning and arranging things. Brianna has wavy, white fairy-blond hair and blue eyes. She’s got a dancer’s wand-slim build and she’s only about 5′5″. She marches piccolo, so, naturally she plays the flute as well. She lives with her mother and brother and her dad, when he’s not often working elsewhere in the world. All her friends refer to her mother as “Mom Fairchild” and though her brother, Ben, is younger, he’s taller - this annoys Brie.

Austin Patricia Kelley is an inch taller than Brie, with sleek, dark blond hair and big doe eyes. She plays flute and shares a band locker with Brie. She prefers to watch rather than participate in sports, unless it’s a team venue where she has plenty of back up (like the band). Her most unique (and valuable asset) is her ability to know anything and everything about any cute guy rating above average. Her depth of knowlege creeps out the Pixies, but only a little. After all, Austin isn’t really a stalker, and she’s a great friend.

Lana Louise Richmond is tall and a curvaceous - which is a lethal combination in high school. The resulting jealousy means the Pixies are her only girlfriends - good thing they’re the BEST! She’s got long, dark hair and mesmerizing dark eyes…and they all wonder why she never has dark circles because no one has caught her sleeping since Kindergarten naptime. She can play any of the low brass instruments and has been known to march sousaphone.

Claire Taylor Sullivan, with her curly red hair, green eyes and shorter stature, looks like she’d be more at home in an Irish Pub than a midwestern highschool. She’s a talented musician who marches alto sax, drum line or trombone…wherever the band director needs her. She’s more quiet than the others, but don’t let that fool you, she’s got serious skills - and she’s keeping some serious secrets from the Pixies - including a very hot Scottish boyfriend!

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Diana Black said...

I bet Gus & Cynthia will learn a thing or two from the PCs!


Mary Cunningham said...

Uh-oh. I hadn't thought of that! Don't want them to grow up too fast! LOL!