Monday, March 9, 2009

Pixie Chicks, Sage # 1 - by Regan Black

For a quartet of girlfriends known as the Pixie Chicks, life takes on a delicious new flavor when their normal Friday night walkabout through the Hobbitville Gardens reveals secrets and adventures previously unimagined.

Who knew the statues were portals to similar, magical gardens around the world? Or that only a select few can travel by statue and fewer still can arrive at their desired point? These four will reach for the stars despite the risks of the unknown to embrace an adventure suitable only for the boldest of teens.

I just finished Pixie Chicks, Hobbitville Sage # 1 by the multi-talented author, Regan Black.

First off, Love the names! (see previous post for Pixie Chicks profiles!) This group of friends are so typical of all teenage groups. Just as I remember my “gang” of five many moons ago in high school! All have strengths and weaknesses and contribute to the group. Best of all, they look out for each other.

Saga # 1 highlights Pixie Chick, Brie, and her friendship/secret love for high school hunk, Troy. The author’s description of Brie spotting Troy in the school hallway, and her ensuing “tsunami of teenage hormones” is priceless!

And, of course, there can’t be a great teenage story with a bully. Sierra is a classic.

I was captured by this story from the first line and can’t wait to read Saga # 2,
# 3, # 4…well you catch my drift.

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A. Montgomery said...

This definitely sounds like a great book, Mary! Now I'm going to have to read it:)