Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating Earth Week

Cynthia's Attic is celebrating something dear to Cynthia and me (Gus). Earth Week. And, we're real excited that so many schools are getting into the Green Scene!

From recycling, getting rid of junk mail (we'd all like to do that, right?), planting a tree, or something as simple as unplugging our cell phone charger when we're not using it, we can all do something.

Just one little something!

Let's all help green the planet!

Also, throughout the week, we'll have other really cool characters giving their views.

Wednesday: A cute little Green (how appropriate!) worm named, Wendel, will be here to share his "up close and personal" views on Earth Day.

Stay tuned! And RECYCLE!

Welcome to the Green Generation!

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