Friday, April 17, 2009

We Can Learn From the Birds

If you look very closely, you can see 3 Yellow Finches Feasting!

I have a bird feeder outside my office window. Can't see it from my desk, but when I remember to get up from the computer and stretch, I can see them happily devouring sunflower seeds.

We had to go to a smaller wire feeder after the doves and a persistent squirrel pretty much destroyed the first one and ate us out of bird house and home, but now it's filled with colorful songbirds.

At any one time, we have yellow finches, cardinals, sparrows a painted bunting or two and a woodpecker. All sharing. All getting along. Oh, sure, there is some minor squabbling on occasion, but mostly they just mind their own business.

I feel kinda sorry for the doves, because the new feeder is too small for their wide bodies, but the six or seven who had declared ours the only "five-star feeder" on the block are getting so big, they could be be in serious danger by next Thanksgiving!

Uh-oh. Just spotted Mr. Squirrel, sitting on the rail thinking, "Nuts! Why can't I get to the "good eats" anymore? Sorry fella.

Seeing Woody Woodpecker, Mr and Mrs. Cardinal and The Goldy Finch Family feeding, singing, communicating, waiting their turn, made me think.

If all these different bird species can do it, why can't we?


Diana Black said...

Hi, Gus...

Wendel Wordsworth here. And you make a good point. I'm a worm and Big Buzz is a buzzard. We're best buds now, so what's the big deal about people getting along?

Thanks for taking care of our friends, the birdies.


Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks for stopping by, Wendel! I know you have a big place in your heart for Big Buzz.

Sorry, but I don't think he'd fit on the feeder either. But, he could snatch up lefovers from the ground as long as he didn't mind sharing with the doves.

Eileen Williams said...

Spring is for the birds... and I'm loving their return! And you bring up a good point. If they can flock together when their feathers are not alike, why can't we?

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Eileen. I'm with you, can't wait for Spring. For some reason, it gives me hope and optimism.

Norm Cowie said...

I've learned from robins that if you swoop in front of a speeding car, you'll go splat.

I'm going to get a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for robins."