Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Special Place For Rescue Angels

(Left to Right) Sisters, Madison, Taylor,
and their friend, Madison (and pups)

Tuesday was the day I met an amazingly kind woman and some pretty special kids.

First, let me get this negative statement out of the way. Some cruel, heartless sub-human dumped several newborn puppies in a yard. I have no words for anyone who would do this. There are better options, people!

Now, for the good news. Thanks to Four Paws Resort/God's Creatures Rescue, "angel," Christine and the special girls at the top, two of these puppies might make it, and possibly get adopted. Christine and her family have already rescued and adopted another dog, but still felt compelled to give these, less-than-week-old puppies a fighting chance.

The two older girls, Taylor and Madison could've been playing or swimming on this 90 degree day, but instead they chose to help feed these two innocent pups, with Taylor's younger brother and sister offering comfort and support, and mom, Christine supervising the process.

Their eyes aren't even open, but I learned yesterday from Christine that they were both doing well. (Very Big Grin!)

I've heard nothing but good about Darlene at God's Creatures Rescue, and I plan to give a donation in memory of Chance, a
Golden rescue (click on link to read his rescue story) who blessed friend, Cynthia's home for almost ten years.

So, if you see an animal in trouble, please help. Christine has lots to do, but has chosen to give back in such a special way, just like Darlene at
God's Creatures Rescue. To volunteer, call 678-463-9131.

I firmly believe that there is a special place in Heaven for people who rescue animals.


The Stiletto Gang said...

Cute pups. Let us know how they get along, please.

Evelyn David

Melissa said...

What sweet puppies. Someday I'd love to help with rescue animals, but sadly now don't seem to have the time.

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks for reading, Evelyn David and Melissa.

As I learned from Christine, nursing the puppies back to health is a full-time job. Not something we all have time for, but we can help in other ways.

Eileen Williams said...

What a wonderful story of good overcoming evil. The children and their mom are, indeed, doing God's work and the puppies are doggone adorable. It's great to hear such uplifting tales of good works for a good cause. Thanks for letting us know about them!

Mary Cunningham said...

One thing my husband pointed out is what a wonderful lesson these young girls are receiving!

I just talked to Darlene at God's Creatures Rescue and she said that Christine has been amazing in helping them.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Eileen.