Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rescue Angels - Part Two

Rescue angel, Christine, her children and their friends are at it again. They rescued a mother dog, Jenny, and her 7, eight-week-old puppies from a puppy mill that was giving dogs away before they were going to be euthanized - 30 in all. The next day, Christine and company took two cars back to the mill and filled them with adult dogs and puppies in need of TLC and good homes. Some of the dogs, she said, had never felt grass under their feet.

All the dogs were taken to Four Paws Resort, and, as you'll see from the pictures below (provided by Christine), they bathed, brushed and provided much love to these innocent creatures; probably the first kind gestures some of them had ever known.

I got an e-mail from her today saying that, sadly two of the pups died, but they only had 13 dogs left that had not been adopted. They won't rest until all are placed with good families.

That's all from me. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

To read the first part of the Rescue Angels story, click here.

If you're considering bring a pet into your home, please consider "adoption as your first option."


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P. S. This blog is dedicated to my dear friend, Cynthia, who lost her adopted Golden, Chance in May and just lost sweet Bailey last Tuesday. My heart is with you, my friend.


Iris Black said...

Great pictures! Although its sad that these dogs needed rescued, its great to see that someone was willing to step up and help!

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Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks for your comment, Iris. It's nice to hear from people who appreciate the unselfish work of Christine, her children and friends.

Darla Sue Dollman said...

All these little critters look so happy. You can see their gratitude on their faces. Such a wonderful story.

Mary Cunningham said...

And the human critters look happy, too. Think there's a connection? :>)

Thanks for your comment, Darla Sue

D.M.Cunningham said...

I love the picture of all the dogs in the car! That is just a great story. So glad there are people out there watching out for the animals too. Thanks for sharing.

Eileen Williams said...

What a fabulous example of the tremendous good one person can accomplish. Your friend, Christine, knows the true meaning of puppy love. She has a heart that's big enough to embrace 30 little Four Paws, and all the work that entails, and then go back for even more.
Her daughters are blessed with a fine example of a truly loving woman who blends her heart, soul, and determination into achieving against the odds.
Thanks, Mary, you made my day!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, D. M. and Eileen. I have such a special place in my heart for shelter dogs, and to see someone working tirelessly to give them a better life is beyond words.

Appreciate your comments.

Mayra Calvani said...

What a wonderful, inspiring story! It touches my heart when I see animal lovers like this!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Mayra. I know how you feel about animals and am not surprised that the story touched you.

Appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

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