Friday, October 9, 2009

Moments With Baxter, the Oldest Therapy Dog

Moments with Baxter is a collection of touching, true stories about the poignant connection between Baxter, an 19-year-old therapy dog, and the hospice patients and their families to whom he brings comfort and love. During the last six years, Baxter has helped hundreds of patients ease out of their lives with dignity and peace. His uncanny intuition and almost human responsiveness demonstrates the unique and inextricable bond between human and dog.

I was touched by the story of Baxter who, at the end of his life, is giving so much back to hospice patients at the end of theirs. Oh, and by the way, Baxter is 19 1/2!

All proceeds from the book, Moments With Baxter, will be donated to charitable causes that support hospice and therapy dog training. Purchase now on Amazon.
Baxter's Blog

Special thanks to Frankie and Barbara Techel at Joyful Paws, for making me aware of this story.

In memory of Molly who left us OCT 10, 2008.

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Eileen Williams said...

I can hardly write this comment because of the tears welling in my eyes and streaming down my face. What a touching video and proof positive that all beings are connected in mystical and magical ways. Thanks, Mary, for the profound and moving reminder.
I'd love to write more but have to run and get another tissue.

Mary Cunningham said...

I had the same reaction, Eileen. Such a strong bond between Baxter and the hospice patients as if they are "one."

Thanks for your touching comment.

Barbara Techel said...

This video truly is proof positive of the power of animals and the love they give to humans... I have watched the video at least 10-times now and still cry... I am involved as well with hospice pet therapy with my dog Frankie. It may sound odd to some, but I ALwAYS leave so full of happiness and joy after visiting with Frankie. Just knowing we are giving back, like sweet Baxter does, is so, so rewarding. Dogs do not judge and simply just love, just as Baxter prooves in the video... it teaches us once again that animals truly understand life and live in the moment. Baxter is such a blessing... HUGE blessing.
Thanks for sharing this with your readers, Mary. Our world moans and groans around us, but this is what life is made of... and there is joy even till the end.
God Bless!

Barbara Techel
Proud Mom of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Mary Cunningham said...

I've learned so much from you and Frankie, Barbara. Your ability to turn a traumatic accident into such an inspiring, motivational story is beyond words.

So happy to be part of your world.

Shelli said...

so sweet