Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Shadow Stone - Regan Black

For a quartet of girlfriends known as the Pixie Chicks, life takes on a delicious new flavor when their normal Friday night walkabout through the Hobbitville Gardens reveals secrets and adventures previously unimagined. Who knew the statues were portals to similar, magical gardens around the world? Or that only a select few can travel by statue and fewer still can arrive at their desired point? These four will reach for the stars despite the risks of the unknown to embrace an adventure suitable only for the boldest of teens. "The Shadow Stone" is the second installment of the Hobbitville Saga.

Hey Gus and Cynthia! Thanks for having me here today. Regan's told me about your attic and your adventures with the trunk. Pretty cool that you've been jumping around history together.

I've got three really close girlfriends, they call us the Pixie Chicks because, well, I'm not sure how it got started, but it was our first summer of marching band camp. Probably it started because Brie looks like a fairy with her pale blonde curls and tiny, girly build and we all sort of stay in the same vicinity. Her sparkling personality must've rubbed off on us through the years. LOL

My friends can all use the magic in a nearby garden called Hobbitville, but for whatever reason, the magic doesn't cooperate for me like it does for them. They've tried to help me – like friends should – but so far, no real luck. Or magic. It's annoying really. And tough to watch your friends share an experience you can't relate to.

They're not mean about it, but who wants to miss this kind of action? Jumping through a garden statue here, into another garden somewhere – anywhere – else is just too cool. I love my town, but it's not the most happening sort of place. Except it's where my friends are (when they're not gallivanting around the world via magic).

You guys know how that is, right? When you're sort of afraid they'll have too much fun and forget about you. Really, after all we've been through, I know the Pixie Chicks wouldn't ditch me, but I confess to having moody moments about it.

Well, like Regan tells me, you two manage to succeed and you're as different as night and day – except for the part that you're inseparable friends! So I'll keep throwing myself at Hobbitville statues and hope for the best. If I make it – yay – if not, the Pixie Chicks will still be my friends and I'll keep the garden light on for them.

Lana Richmond, band geek, Pixie Chick, and Hobbitville magic seeker.

Author, Regan Black crafts her stories in the South Carolina Lowcountry where the rich history adds fire to her vivid imagination. Encouraged by her husband, children, retired greyhounds and numerous other pets, she savors the rare quiet moments when the words flow onto the page. A voracious reader, she's often found with a book in hand, or at least nearby, as she taxis children and dogs to their respective appointments. She's pleased to credit her friends and critique partners with her successful leap from her blissfully boring daily life into the action market.

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Regan Black said...

Whew- that Lana is quick! But I've caught up with her...thanks Mary and Gus for hosting us today!


Mary Cunningham said...

Glad you caught up with Lana, Regan. I didn't think you knew she's hijacked Cynthia's attic!

But, she (and you) are always welcome.

Alyssa Montgomery said...

Good luck at jumping, Lana!