Friday, October 30, 2009

The Shadow Stone Review - A Halloween Hobbitville Adventure

For a quartet of girlfriends known as The Pixie Chicks, life takes on a delicious new flavor when their normal Friday night walkabout through the Hobbitville Gardens reveals secrets and adventures previously unimagined. Who knew the statues were portals to similar, magical gardens around the world? Or that only a select few can travel by statue and fewer still can arrive at their desired point? These four will reach for the stars despite the risks of the unknown to embrace an adventure suitable only for the boldest of teens.

Lana's circle of friends, The Pixie Chicks, use the magic of Hobbitville, but, to her frustration, always leave her behind. Not this time, though. She is determined to find her own "touchstone" that will let her magically jump from the secret garden to places beyond her imagination.

But, a deep, mysterious voice disrupts her plans. Lana notices something very familiar about this tall, dark haired stranger who asks for her help, and she has a decision to make; help him break the curse that has trapped him in limbo for years at the risk of becoming stuck, herself. Will adventure win out over fear?

Regan Black's second Pixie Chicks, story, The Shadow Stone- A Hobbitville Halloween Adventure, is as exciting and beautifully crafted as the first. Young adults and old adults will enjoy the light-hearted and romantic journeys of Brianna, Austin, Lana and Claire, best high school buds. I'm already anticipating the third installment!

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