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Glamour Girl From The Stars - Carlton Scott

GLAMOUR GIRL FROM THE STARS-- Out of this world rhyming story about a 3 foot tall alien girl named Plee-Dee who borrows her father's flying saucer to visit Earth hoping to enter the Miss Universe Pageant in LA. She visits different cultures around the world realizing she feels good about herself without having to enter pageants. The book intends to teach little girls self esteem. Illustrations in colored pencil and photos from the author.


As a kid, I loved anything to do with space. At risk a revealing my age, the first poem I ever wrote (around age 9) began, "When I was a little girl like you, I went up in Sputnik # 2." For those of you younger than 60, Google Sputnik.

I can only imagine how much I would've loved Glamour Girl From the Stars, by Carlton Scott. Heck, I love it now at a much-advanced age.

Looking through a telescope across the Universe, Plee-Dee, an alien girl from across the galaxy, spots Earth and likes what she sees. Convincing her father that she's only shopping for a new spacesuit, she takes off in his spaceship toward the blue planet. After a time-traveling mistake sends her back to dinosaur age, she sets course for 2010 Las Vegas where shoes, clothes, Elvis impersonators and the Miss Universe Pageant (imagine the irony!) is her first stop.

After realizing Area 51 is onto her, she zips across the Pacific to Waikiki Beach, China, Africa and exciting places all over the world.

The illustrations, also by Scott, are colorful, pleasing and beautifully drawn. His style blends well with the storyline.

All his books are now autographed and shipped to people’s homes from his website:


At the age of 33, Carlton Scott was pursuing a second degree in nursing when he had a case of misdiagnosed glaucoma and lost the vision in his left eye. To help deal with the stress of being visually impaired, he would hike in the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado where he lived. He then took off to Southeast Asia, backpacking and venturing through Thailand; Cambodia and Bali, Indonesia to decide what to do with his future.

During this time, he finished his second children’s book, Little Big Wolf, based on his drawings and collection of hiking photos. He published both Grin’s Message and Little Big Wolf in hardcover and sold 2000 of each through Barnes & Noble,, craft shows and street fairs. He then returned to Florida and finished his second degree (a bachelor’s in nursing) and accepted a job at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the Pediatric ICU.

Today, Carlton travels with his wife, Annie (also a nurse), throughout the United States providing critical care services to hospitals from Alaska to Los Angeles. His newest children’s book, Glamour Girl From The Stars, was published in April, 2010.

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