Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video: Cynthia's Attic Series

Latest video for the series, "Cynthia's Attic!"

Follow twelve-year-old best friends, Cynthia and Gus, as they travel through time meeting and having adventures with their ancestors!

Mary Cunningham Books
Quake/Echelon Press


No Name Me said...

It's great, Mary! I love the graphics and progression, the combination of old photographs and more modern tech, and the whimsy of it!

Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, Sandy! Someone else mentioned "whimsical," which is what I was going for.

Appreciate your comment!

Eileen Williams said...

Talk about magic--this video is AMAZING! The creativity, color, fireworks, and sense of fun made me feel like a kid again. Anyone who sees this will want to start playing in Cynthia's Attic right away. Super job!

D.M.Cunningham said...

This is AWESOME! So fun and magical. I'm spreading the word (just try and stop me!)

D.M.Cunningham said...
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Mary Cunningham said...

Thanks, so much Eileen! Your support and enthusiasm means so much!

Matt, thanks for spreading the word. I wouldn't dream of stopping you! Just think of all the payback you'll be getting from me...soon!