Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marketing License!

Every now and then (at least once a week) I wonder if I'm truly making a difference in the lives of young readers as I spend 24/7, or so it seems, posting blogs, social marketing; anything that will get my name out there. (Btw, where is out there?)

My husband was on his way home, in my car, from Douglasville having gotten Old Bessie her annual emissions inspection when he called. "You'll never guess what happened."

As a "glass-half-empty" gal, I assumed the worse. Car didn't pass. We have to get a whole new exhaust system. The onboard computer went haywire. We need 4 new tires. Well, you get the idea.

Instead, however, he told me the technician spotted my license plate (shown above) and said, "I know those books. They're all over our house!" He went on to say that he daughter is a huge fan.

Now, if only my "salesman husband" had found out which elementary school the girl attended, so I could be sure to contact the media specialist about an author visit. Or, if only he had given the technician information about the new book. (sigh) 

I haven't taught him anything! Oh, but, guess I can't complain. He got my car inspected...and it passed.

Cynthia's Attic: Legend of Lupin Woods,
May 15, 2012!

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