Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Misadventures of Millie - Becky Heishman

There are special goings-on in the Misty Neighborhood. A book born from sadness…the death of a joyful little corgi-mix named Misty, evolves into the decision, a few days later, to adopt a breeder dog newly rescued from a puppy mill.  
 I knew from the moment I read, "Anyone who's ever been owned by a dog…" that The Misadventures of Millie, by Rebecca Heishman, was my kind of story.
Misadventures is the word, and Millie fits the bill. How could six and a half pounds of fur instigate such mayhem, frustration, consternation, and boundless love? Millie's initial dismay at being adopted by "Dis guy wif white hair and a lady wif a limp," turns into "Deez old people are pretty fun" in the story, Livin' Wiff Ode People.  
 A poem (by Millie, of course), I Was Lost, details the horrendous life of a puppy mill dog and the unselfish rescue angels who work tirelessly to close down these despicable operations. Millie is one of the lucky few to escape. She knows it and appreciates her new life.
Stories like, Pasghetti Night, and, best title ever, Before It Rotted, It Had Feathers, are delightfully told in Millie's own doggy diction with her mom and dad's voices thrown in for good measure. But, make no mistake, this is Millie's story and she wants everyone to know she's leader of the pack, even while letting Becky and William think they're in charge. (They really are, but don't let on to Millie)
After shredding sofa throw pillows, Becky declares Millie a canine sociopath, but Millie comes right back with Sleepin' On Dad's Skinny Foot, a heart-rending account of real hardship trying to sleep in a metal cage with little water,  having her puppies snatched from her before they're weaned, and wondering when she'd get her next meal. Yeah, dad's skinny foot is paradise to Millie.
 I must stop before I give away the whole book!
If you're looking for an uplifting tale, The Misadventures of Millie will not disappoint, but just so you know, it's not just Millie's story. It's our story. Anyone one who has fostered, rescued, or adopted a pet will relate to this precocious little dog and her patient, loving mom and dad.
You might, however, want to keep your furry friend from getting wind of this book. Millie's Art of Begging highlights three cardinal rules: "look pitiful, act pitiful, sound pitiful." You've been warned!
Disclaimer: My husband and I have adopted two rescue dogs, so I have a special place in my heart for pet adoptions and rescues.

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