Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super Fan!

I get asked on a regular basis whether writing for a living is worth the effort. First of all, I love it and can't think of my life without it.

But, more than anything, I love the young readers I have the privilege of talking to and (hopefully) inspiring to read and write.

One such "Super Fan" is Aubree Goff. After a recent visit to her Nebo Elementary (arranged by Super Media Specialist, Lisa Brown), Aubree sent an e-mail:

Dear Mrs. Cunningham,

"I'm very sorry I couldn't get this message to you sooner . I was so caught up in my thoughts about the book "The Curse of the Bayou" and it's ending. I was so very intrigued by the books end. For at least a couple days I was lost in my own little world thinking about it. I told almost everyone in my class about my thoughts on the end. Two of my thoughts were " OH MY GOSH!!!, YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ "CURSE OF THE BAYOU" BY MRS. CUNNINGHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Also my other one is "You have to read the series of Cynthia's Attic, it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing your gift!"

Your fan, Aubree

Tell me, what author wouldn't love to get an e-mail like this? My publisher (Quake) and I were so impressed, we decided to put a portion on the front of the latest Cynthia's Attic book, The Legend of Lupin Woods (Book Five).

I recently met Aubree, her mother, Cindee, and older sister, Ashlee, to thank the 5th grader for her fabulous e-mail, and to present her with a copy of the book. I was pleased to learn that Aubree not only loves to read, she loves to write! Her writing is a little dark sometimes, she explained, and doesn't always have a happy ending. I told her that was okay. Life doesn't always have a happy ending and she should write what inspires her. She went on to say that she likes to inject humor throughout her stories,  like I do in Cynthia's Attic.

After meeting Aubree and her family, I have no doubt that Aubree's out-going personality and obvious support system, will take her to the stars, or wherever she wants to go.

Cynthia's Attic: The Legend of Lupin Woods is available now! Buy Now!

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