Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Fab Five!

"Let them live their dream."

THEIR dream; not YOURS. In this age of Toddlers & Tiaras, soccer moms, and hockey dads, it's refreshing to see the parents of the Gold Medal-winning Women's Gymnastic's team speak in terms of their daughters' happiness.

As they explain, years and years of sacrifice by parents and athletes is simply not worth it unless the child buys, whole-heartedly, in to the program. However, when Gabby Douglas moved far away from her family to Iowa to train with Olympic coach, Yiang Chow, she got homesick and begged to come home. That's when mom stepped in and convinced her to finish her dream.

Fortunately, Gabby's host mom, Missy Parton, whose daughter was also training with Chow, gave her the loving supportive family she needed at the time. Parton welcomed Gabby with open arms. "I knew that she needed that love and comfort that only comes from a family," says Parton. Video chats also kept the Olympic gymnast in touch with her family.

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DMS said...

What a great post about some amazing athletes! I am glad the girls have the support of their families in going after their dreams.


John said...

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