Thursday, February 11, 2016

Art, Alters and Animal Guides

I "met" Barbara Techel a number of years ago when I connected with her Facebook page dedicated to her sweet dachshund, Frankie, whose back legs became paralyzed after a fall. Through Barbara's persistence and love for Frankie, she found "wheels" that allowed her sweet furbaby to zip around, carefree, for many more years. She even wrote an award-winning book about the adventure. Frankie, The Walk 'N Roll Dog. Two more books soon followed, and Frankie became an instant favorite among the Dachshund-loving crowd, and pet lovers, everywhere.

Her deep love of animals and the amazing lessons she’s learned from them encourage and inspire her to listen to her inner voice, and live a more meaningful life with integrity, intent, and joy.

Now, Barbara has a new rescue, Gidget, and has embarked on a new quest. Art, Altars, and Animal Guides: Understanding the Connection between Animal Teachers, Ourselves and the World

As an author, animal advocate, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and founder of Joyful Paws, LLC and National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day, she enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to pause, listen and capture what it is that matters most to them.

Exploring how everything is connected can have a profound effect on our lives. All it takes is the willingness to pause, listen and be open to the powerful connections that are with us all the time. In this workshop we will engage our animal guides, discover meaningful links between inner and outer worlds, and learn how to gain deeper levels of awareness through self-exploration and creation.

Dawn Brunke and Barbara Techel will be your guides into this intuitive excursion of art, altars and animal guides.

Barbara and Dawn.

This workshop consists of three weekly interactive sessions beginning Feb. 27th.
  • Meet your animal guides.
  • Learn to invoke assistance and advice from your guides.
  • Design a SoulCollage® card of your animal guide.
  • Create a personal altar.
  • Deepen your relationship with animals, yourself, and the world.
Please note: You don’t need to be an artist. Anyone can do this.

Barbara’s Wolf SoulCollage card and altar

For more information about the workshop, click on the link

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